Top Ten Best Songs by David Werner

David Werner is an artist that few people have heard of. If you can find his music it will most likely be on vinyl. Werner arrived on the music scene in the late 1970's and changed the industry. But very few people know that.

He wrote his own glam-rock songs as well as those for many other artists. One of his most famous compositions remains "Cradle of Love" which was written for Billy Idol.

Overshadowed by David Bowie, Werner never received his due as a singer and, after 3 albums, turned to writing instead. Though I am not a fan of glam-rock, David Werner's music is a must-hear... If you can find it.

The Top Ten

1 One More Wild Guitar

I dare you to listen to this track and not bop your head. Both slow and melodic as well as upbeat and biographical. Guitars to last forever. "So I knew I'd have to get up upon that road to fame..." - Finch

2 The Ballad of Trixie Silver

Reminiscent of Frank Zappa in his lyrics on this one, it's a great tune that'll get stuck in your head - but you won't mind.
"She get's paid in cash for selling boutique trash..." - Finch

3 The Lady In Waiting

Haunting and intricate. This song is beautiful in every way.
"See me run run chasing my words through the floor..." - Finch

4 It's a Little Bit Sad

Piano and guitar harmonize together to make this a beautiful score. The strings are an unexpected treat on a glam-rock album. "It's a little bit sad to sell yourself short.." - Finch

5 Counting the Ways

It takes a little bit to get going but once it does, the incredible vocal range is apparent. This song definitely shows off the vocal range and skill of the man at only 19 years old. - Finch

6 The Death of Me Yet

Very Elton John with this track. Somehow he gets a catchy tune out of a rockabilly song. - Finch

7 Love Is Tragic

This one was a surprise. The song starts off with some guitar riffs that sound mesmerizingly garage-band quality but then the song slow rolls you into some serious technique and skill. - Finch

8 Plan 9

This is the song to listen to it you're tripping. Just close your eyes and let the intricate vocals and piano carry you through. Short and sweet. - Finch

9 A Sleepless Night

Electronic keyboard with Pink Floyd-like sounds. Even a few gospel background singers just to round out the experience. - Finch

10 Whizz Kid

One of his rockier songs, this one has both gospel backup singers as well as Rocky Horror Picture Show beats and power. - Finch

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