Best Songs by Glam-Rockers T. Rex

The best songs by Glam-Rock band T. Rex, lead by Marc Bolan.
They were on the biggest British bands of the 1970's with numerous Top 10 hits.

The Top Ten

1 Get It On

A classic

one of there best - mneilan

Probably one of their best known songs, topped the charts back in 1971, a feel-good party song which filled the dance floors of the 1970's! Known as 'Get It On (Bang A Gong)' in American.

2 20th Century Boy

Definitely my favourite T. Rex song, full of energy and heavy guitars, it's the forerunner of heavy metal like AC/DC.

Captures the essence of the genre (I love how these are all T. Rex songs) it is the perfect song

Obviously their best song, Get it On is overrated!

The definition of boy toy never sounded more appealing! - yianang

3 Jeepster

"I'm just a Jeepster for your loo-ovve" Another chart topper.

4 Hot Love

A sexy, funky Glam-Rock love song. 1971 No1

What a summer

5 Metal Guru
6 Ride a White Swan

"Wear your hair long, babe, you can't go wrong."

A lyric every girl should follow. - PetSounds

7 Children of the Revolution

A song for kids of the 70's, another great, bouncy Glam-Rock hit.

8 Solid Gold, Easy Action
9 Telegram Sam

Perhaps best known for bringing the term "main man" Marc Bolan into popular culture, was number one for two weeks, before being knocked off the top by "Son of My Father" by Chicory Tip.

The lyrics feature numerous figures such as Bobby (who is a natural born poet who is just outta sight), Golden Nose Slim (who knows where you been), Jungle Faced Jake (make no mistake) and Purple Pie Pete. It also contains these lines Marc Bolan wrote to refer to himself: Me I funk/but I don't care/I ain't no square/with my corkscrew hair,

10 Monolith

Heavenly vocals and liquid guitar

Wah Wah heaven

The Contenders

11 Cosmic Dancer

Cosmic dancer heard it so many times then saw stage show gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes what a record

12 The Groover
13 I Love To Boogie

Funky hit which appeared on a Robinson squash advert, appealing to new generation.
So funky from 1976, one of their last hits. Just before Punk era began.

14 Teenage Dream
15 Life's a Gas - T. Rex
16 The Slider
17 Mambo Sun
18 Precious Star
19 Chrome Sitar
20 Broken Hearted Blues
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