Top 10 Songs by Male American Idols

The Top Ten

1 Home - Phillip Phillips

How is this song not #1? According to AEG, Home is the number one best selling coronation song by any American Idol contestant ever; it has sold approximately 5.4 million copies. I love all of Phillip Phillips' music and this one is beloved by so many people around the world. Home should be the number one song on this list!

I think this should be number one! I love Phillip Phillips like crazy! If Phillip is not that famous as everyone else its ok but he has to stay on this list 'cause this is truely the best song any 21 year old boy has ever sang, ever!

Home is the best one here it should be number 1

2 The Vision of Love - Kris Allen

The song is all about being to yourself.. And it also talks about the values that we will render to our fellow human being. This song really touched every persons heart after listening to this track...

3 Crush - David Archuleta

The first of the best songs by David Archuleta. Check out his new album Forevermore and new one cd BEGIN. With the released date of August 7th.

Hear the above songs and hear this.. Explain then how this song came below them...! Crush is very much better than them.

4 Over You - Daughtry

Chris Daughtry has an amazing, incredible talent that only grew in the show! This song is AWESOME, one of the best songs that he has made, and he is an idol himself. Enough said.

I like a lot of music by Daughtry. - explodingpineapple

5 Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen
6 Come Back to Me - David Cook
7 The Time of My Life - David Cook

It's like Kelly's "A moment like this". It desribes perfectly what is like to be a finalist on American Idol.

8 Avalanche - David Cook
9 The Last Goodbye - David Cook
10 Something 'Bout Love - David Archuleta

The Contenders

11 Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips

Amazing song. should be on this list. at least as number 5

12 See You Tonight - Scotty McCreery
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