Top Songs by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Best Songs of Noel Gallaghers new Project called " Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds". Includes all ten tracks of the self-titled album+all B-Sides.

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1 If I Had a Gun

Simply epic song which is sure to be a hit. Knew it was going to be a legendary song as soon as I heard it, awesome.

He sang this song on the graham norton show. From that day I became a big fan of this song

His best vocal performance on the album

Best song of Noel's solo career.

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2 The Death of You and Me

This is way the best song put this first come on, me and all me mates agree who else agrees.

Too Good To Be True...! My Favourite out of all

Much better lyrics than if I had a gun. This song is brilliantly written

Reminiscence of classic Oasis love, love, love it!

3 AKA...What a Life!

This song is so great and catchy.

Remember the first time I heard this, life changing.

Turn it up, hit the open road and go!

Everyone loves this song

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4 Everybody's on the Run

Great song. Show's Noel's real song writing ability. This album really shows that he is an excellent and exquisite song writer.

Simple chord structure, nothing made too complicated. Absolute genius from Noel

Soaring arrangement, brilliant melody, personal lyrics. One of his best.

5 Ballad of the Mighty I

Awesome song with a great tune and lyrics and an awesome guitar solo


The bits, the music everything is catchy this is new song realese 12jan 2015 :D

6 In the Heat of the Moment

First single from the new album, absolute class

It's better then the number one

I like this song so much!

Great song!

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7 Dead in the Water

I'm listening to this one, now. It's without a question my favorite from their new album.

8 AKA...Broken Arrow

Great melody and production

The acoustic version is very very lovly

9 Do the Damage
10 (I Wanna Live In a Dream In My) Record Machine

Awesome song, love the solo in the middle!

The Contenders

11 The Mexican

Pure Rocker!

12 The Dying of the Light

On the new album and is probably one of the best 3 ever written

Gives that oasis feel that makes me feel so nostalgic

Best Song in noel's solo career so far

Come on it is an absolute classic

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13 Stop the Clocks

Not a fan favorite but I love it so much

14 Riverman

A beautiful psychedelic rocker with Noel signature scrawled over it. The verses are intense, and the chorus is electrifying in quality. This is all rounded out with sax solos.

"Find me the girl who electrified the storms" Well done Noel. Beautiful composing and writing.

Slow builder but the chorus is as epic as anything he has penned since the early Oasis days

Definitely his best song. Love the psychedelic aspect of it

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15 A Simple Game of Genius

So underrated! One of Noel's best, period! How is this ranked last? That's ridiculous! A mix of an Oasis like guitar rift with peaceful piano. Excellent song. Obviously VERY underrated. - super8

A hidden gem. Musically ambitious and epic.

Its criminal how this song hasn't been on an album yet. Probably my favourite HFB song!

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16 Fort Knox
17 Holy Mountain

Bangin' tune.

18 Dream On

Dream on is one of my favourite songs of 2012 because of the different bits in it like slow at the start then it fasts up, Noel is amazing please vote for this song!

19 The Girl With the X-Ray Eyes

So she took me by the hand
We followed clues left in the sand
As she swallowed space and time
We gathered pearls and swine
She shot me to the sun
Like a bullet from a gun
And when the deed was done
In the morning she was gone.

20 Let the Lord Shine a Light On Me
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1. Dead in the Water
2. Everybody's on the Run
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1. The Death of You and Me
2. Ballad of the Mighty I
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1. Stop the Clocks
2. AKA...What a Life!
3. AKA...Broken Arrow



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