Top Ten Songs by Pencey Prep

Pencey Prep is one of my many, many, many, many, many favorite bands. And since I saw that no one had ever made a list about them, I decided to make one! Even though very few know about this band, their songs are very relatable to an average person and can be quite catchy! Too bad they only made one album before the band broke up... Thank you Frank! -___-

The Top Ten

1 Yesterday

This song describes a character having various problems, yet they don't want to face them, just avoid them all together. But just avoiding them won't make them go away. Problems will alway resurface if not solved, hence the repetition of the lyrics: "'Cause It Feels Like Yesterday". Also, this song is very catchy! Just love the guitar in this! - Eternal_Laughter

2 Trying to Escape the Inevitable
3 Attention Reader

This song is just brilliant

4 Fat and Alone
5 The Secret Goldfish
6 Don Quixote
7 8th Grade
8 10 Rings
9 Lloyd Dobbler
10 19
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