Top 10 Songs by Phyrnna

The Top Ten
1 Jump into Battle Jump into Battle Cover Art

This guys, is what I call a perfect example of pokemon background battle music. Nah but seriously, it does seriously fits well with intense boss fights, as well as the song perfectly fits the title. Just play the sample and you see my point.

2 Fallen Blood Fallen Blood Cover Art

The intro sounds like as if you encountered a terrifying moment, but as the song continues it's a combination of an atmospheric and haunting song

3 Under My Skin Under My Skin Cover Art

The most metal song, which also serves as a runner up rival for the most fitting battle music.

4 Estavius Estavius Cover Art

Wow, I haven't heard of this tune for like a long time

5 Crystalis Fantasia Crystalis Fantasia Cover Art
6 Into Combat Into Combat Cover Art

The song that plays at the intro opening of the game.

7 Rage of the Abandoned Rage of the Abandoned Cover Art
8 Elfin Elfin Cover Art
9 TPF Trans TPF Trans Cover Art
10 That Which We Have Lost and Forgotten That Which We Have Lost and Forgotten Cover Art

Besides the usual metal-ish songs played in the game. Not only this artist creates these action soundtracks, but the artist managed to portray sadness perfectly in an atmospheric and beautiful way that it fits so well as if someone broke your heart. This song never fails to provide a rush of sadness. Thanks Phyrnna for shaping my childhood... (sorry if this sounded pretentious)

The Contenders
11 A Stroll Through Nostalgia A Stroll Through Nostalgia Cover Art
12 Weshdoor Concert Weshdoor Concert Cover Art
13 You'll Never Guess This You'll Never Guess This Cover Art
14 Faerie Breeze Faerie Breeze Cover Art
15 Divine Madness Divine Madness Cover Art
16 Acruta Lao D'nor Acruta Lao D'nor Cover Art
17 Wings Wings Cover Art
18 Outside the Battlements Outside the Battlements Cover Art
19 Travels to the North Travels to the North Cover Art
20 Sisters of Snow Dissent Sisters of Snow Dissent Cover Art
21 Van Al Tag Van Al Tag Cover Art
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