Best Songs by Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and One Direction


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21 Never Say Never - Justin Bieber

This song is amazing and inspirational.

Wow what a song. sooo good. He is so good singer. Wow love this song

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22 Best Song Ever - One Direction

All the song in this list are good except Selena gomez. Just will be okay but selena? No

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23 Steal My Girl - One Direction
24 Maybe You're Right - Miley Cyrus
25 Good for You - Selena Gomez

This song is so boring and her voice's suck - BeaM456

Love this song. so niece. Great voice. Wow

Love this song and selena looks hotter than fire in this song

Her voice is awesome, how about this if you go to brayant elementary in Seattle then we can do a rip of and see who is the best if me you have to like Selena Gomez if you win then I will never not ever see you again only if we are in the same class. And I want you too know that she is awesome. She sings like an angel so never not ever say that again,NEVER!

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26 Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

Beautiful song but not because of justin because of ed sheeran

its sweet

27 Birthday - Selena Gomez V 1 Comment
28 You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift V 1 Comment
29 Where Do Broken Hearts Go - One Direction V 1 Comment
30 You & I - One Direction V 1 Comment
31 Clean - Taylor Swift
32 Enchanted - Taylor Swift
33 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift V 1 Comment
34 Trust In Me - Selena Gomez V 2 Comments
35 Fly to Your Heart - Selena Gomez V 3 Comments
36 Night Changes - One Direction

The date with One Direction

37 Story of My Life - One Direction V 1 Comment
38 History - One Direction V 2 Comments
39 Same Old Love - Selena Gomez V 3 Comments
40 White Horse - Taylor Swift V 1 Comment
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