Top Ten Songs by Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, the Veronicas, and Aly & Aj


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1 Freak the Freak Out - Victoria Justice

This is the best song in the world

I can't choose between Kissin u or freak the freak out. I don't know, probably freak the freak out...wait no, actually Kissin wait, freak the freak out!

I'm sorry, but this deserves to be on top. Victoria had produced this before her eighteenth birthday and it WA already a global hit. Everyone was singing along to it and I have never even heard of the song above.

Very awesome and energetic. This is, In fact, the best song 😊 - Trucker55

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2 Kissin U - Miranda Cosgrove

Very romantic

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3 Potential Break Up Song - Aly & AJ UListen to Sample
4 Rush - Aly & AJ UListen to Sample
5 Popular - The Veronicas

I love this song so much!

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6 Untouched - The Veronicas UListen to Sample
7 4ever - The Veronicas UListen to Sample
8 Stay My Baby - Miranda Cosgrove

I love the lyrics so much for this teen pop song!

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9 Don't You (Forget About Me) - Victoria Justice

This is a cover of a classic and I love this and the amazing Victorious episode. This song needs to be recognised and I feel like people need to appreciate good music when they hear it.

I liked the episode a lot. It's my favorite episode.

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10 Finally Falling - Victoria Justice

So cool and romantic.

i hate u

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11 Make It Shine - Victoria Justice

Love it!

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12 Oh Oh - Miranda Cosgrove UListen to Sample
13 If You Love Someone - The Veronicas UListen to Sample
14 Hook Me Up - The Veronicas UListen to Sample
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1. Kissin U - Miranda Cosgrove
2. Freak the Freak Out - Victoria Justice
3. Potential Break Up Song - Aly & AJ


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