Best Songs On Cage the Elephant's Melophobia

The new Cage the Elephant album has many good songs, but which one is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Spiderhead
2 Cigarette Daydreams

This is the best song on melophobia, the lyrics and melody are perfect! This is easily one of their best songs.

3 Come a Little Closer

One of the best! Should be number 1

4 Take It or Leave It
5 Halo
6 Telescope

This song is so catchy and meaningful! There is just something about how the song is sung and how the lyrics are written that makes it so amazing.

This song will make you uncontrollably dance - NavadaWillow

7 Hypocrite
8 It's Just Forever
9 Black Widow
10 Teeth
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1. Spiderhead
2. Cigarette Daydreams
3. Take It or Leave It
1. Hypocrite
2. Cigarette Daydreams
3. Halo
1. Spiderhead
2. Take It or Leave It
3. Come a Little Closer

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