Best Songs from Cardiacs' A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window

A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window is the debut studio album by the English rock band Cardiacs, (although there were 3 demo albums previously released) released in 1988.

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1 The Whole World Window The Whole World Window

While this song is considerably less energetic and fun than anything else on the album, it is simply beautiful. The incredible saxophone combined with the surprisingly emotional vocals make this a simply unforgettable song. This is made further amazing by the angry,desperate screaming in the background as spoken word is used to create an awesome soundscape that slowly gets darker and darker, starting off with people talking, and gradually becoming windows breaking and dogs barking, making such an impact that I ended up feeling completely blown away upon first listen and many more after that, with it still being able to affect me quite a bit. - kempokid

2 R.E.S. R.E.S.

Far and away the most insane song on the album, with the noisy intro and the extremely bizarre main riff, the vocals and structure of the song further solidifying this claim, with what is easily the most off kilter performance on the album. The short breakdown into the jazzy trumpet before it then continues appearing throughout the rest of the song is also great. I also adore how the chorus ends up being a callback to A Little Man and a House, using lyrics that are very similar. The song continues in this amazing way, continuing to build up both bombast and complexity all the way through, making it an easy to choose highlight of this incredible album. - kempokid

3 In a City Lining In a City Lining

This song, really shows off what Cardiacs can really do, it features all six band members (not including the various studio musicians), and is easily my favorite song from the band.

This song has a strong britpop edge to it, with the first section sounding like it could fit right in on Blur's Parklife. While this is wonderfully catchy and is already great, the song becomes even better once the tempo starts changing at points, providing something interesting to listen to. This gets kicked up many notches once the song completely changes, brings in the violn, and becomes one of the catchiest parts of the entire album, sounding incredibly fun and transitioning perfectly back into the first section again. The saxophone throughout is great, and I really love when the song briefly becomes even more grandiose and bombastic. - kempokid

4 Dive

Another song that's simply insane, mostly because of the lack of major pausing in between the vocal sections, causing the song to sound somewhat relentless as well as crazy. I really like the melody here, and the way it has no moments where it shakes up the tempo, providing one 4 minute burst of complete energy - kempokid

5 The Breakfast Line

In terms of time signature and tempo changes, along with transitions in general, this song happens to be one of the most noticeable examples. I really love how this keeps changing from frantic singing and repeatedly using the words "la la la", which is great fun, to slower sections involving violin and saxophone. Very varied song all the way throughout, albeit one of the ones that will take the longest to grow on the album. - kempokid

6 A Little Man and a House

After a nice little intro, the sounds of a factory come in and perfectly set the scene. The song had a circus-like groove to it that becomes especially obvious in the chorus, which is awesomely energetic and bouncy, along with being incredibly catchy. I love the way this chorus just keeps repeating over and over, with the factory sounds in the background adding immensely to it. - kempokid

7 Victory Egg

This song honestly sounds somewhat like a traditional British song in terms of how repetitive and happy go lucky the main melody is. I love how each section of this song is just the same melody but at different speeds and with different instruments, all culminating in the epic ending to it, while it's nothing too complex, especially compared to some of the other songs, this is definitely an extremely enjoyable one. - kempokid

8 The Icing On the World

I love the way this starts off sounding like it will be somewhat intense, and then the circus groove returns once again. The saxophone is an undoubted highlight of the song, providing some nice moments of power and melody throughout, and the song is overall highly enjoyable. - kempokid

9 Is This the Life?

This song reminds me very strongly of the Cure if they had a bit more guitar. The vocals have a similar strong accent to them, and the song just sounds overall like a standard rock song of the era. The one thing that separates this song form the others is the extremely unusual guitar solo, focusing on sustaining high pitches rather than melodic shredding, which simply adds more appeal to a song that I already would have loved. - kempokid

10 Interlude

It's an interlude, nothing much to say, just a fun little piece of trumpet and a cool increase in pace - kempokid

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