Best Songs from Cavalera Conspiracy's Blunt Force Tramua

Blunt Force Trauma is 2nd studio album Cavalera Conspiracy. Recording for this album was from January–May 2010 at The Liar, Los Angeles, California, The album was released on March 29th, 2011 through Roadrunner Records.

Max Cavalera has this to say about the second Cavalera Conspiracy album on

"Yeah, (we) just got done (in May), so I just got back from the studio. It's finished. We recorded 15 songs, 13 being originals for the album, and then we did a Black Sabbath cover, 'Electric Funeral', that's gonna come out on a Metal Hammer compilation in Europe. And we did a Black Flag cover, a song called 'Six Pack'. We also had a collaboration with Roger (Miret) from Agnostic Front he sings on a song called 'Lynch Mob' that we did together in the studio in L.A.; he flew to L.A. to do this collaboration. I was really proud because, to me, Roger is like the godfather of New York hardcore; Agnostic Front is one of the pioneer bands of the whole New York hardcore scene, so it was like recording with a legend of hardcore. The Cavalera album is really intense; that's all I can say about it. It makes the first album sound like pop music."

Regarding the songwriting and recording process for the new Cavalera Conspiracy album, Max said,

"I wrote a lot of the stuff and I sent it to Brazil to (Igor) in the form of a CDlike four tracks of the rifso that he would be familiarized with the songs by the time I got to the studio. And then I brought another CD with me, which was, like, newer songs I had just got done (writing) for the album. And everything else we did in the studio together — me and him there on the spot. I told him the idea of making a very intense album with some songs being only a minute and a half, so it's a cross (between) Minor Threat and Slayer and Cavalera Conspiracy. So the idea was really cool Igor really liked that and from that point on, the album just grew and song after song, every day a new song came in. And I'm really happy with it. I think people are gonna be blown away when they hear it. I think it's a pretty cool album."

Cavalera Conspiracy Members and others:

Max Cavalera – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Marc Rizzo – lead guitar

Johny Chow – bass guitar

Igor Cavalera – drums, percussion

Guest vocals on "Lynch Mob" by Roger Miret (from Agnostic Front)

The Top Ten

1 Killing Inside
2 Blunt Force Trauma
3 Lynch Mob
4 Electric Funeral
5 Warlord
6 Thrasher
7 Psychosomatic
8 I Speak Hate
9 Burn Waco
10 Torture

The Contenders

11 Genghis Khan
12 Rasputin
13 Target
14 Jihad Joe
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