Best Songs From Celldweller's Self-Titled Album

This list is about Celldweller's debut album, also named Celldweller, released in 2003. It's known mostly for it's sole single "Switchback", but a lot of songs are popular among fans of industrial rock since every song on the album (even the interludes) were featured in some sort of media, such as movies, video games etc. Only 4 artist (Celldweller, Moby, Meiko and The Crystal Method) have achieved that.

The Top Ten

1 I Believe You I Believe You Cover Art
2 Switchback Switchback Cover Art
3 Own Little World Own Little World Cover Art
4 Stay With Me (Unlikely) Stay With Me (Unlikely) Cover Art
5 The Last Firstborn The Last Firstborn Cover Art

This is his best song in my opinion. - DarkBoi-X

6 Afraid This Time Afraid This Time Cover Art
7 Fade Away Fade Away Cover Art
8 Frozen Frozen Cover Art
9 Tragedy Tragedy Cover Art
10 Shapeshifter Shapeshifter Cover Art

The Contenders

11 One Good Reason One Good Reason Cover Art
12 Under My Feet Under My Feet Cover Art
13 Symbiont Symbiont Cover Art
14 So Sorry to Say So Sorry to Say Cover Art
15 Unlikely (Stay with Me) Unlikely (Stay with Me) Cover Art
16 The Stars of Orion The Stars of Orion Cover Art
17 Welcome to the End Welcome to the End Cover Art
18 Ghosts Ghosts Cover Art
19 Uncrowned Uncrowned Cover Art
20 Goodbye Goodbye Cover Art
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