Top 10 Songs on Celtic Frost's Cold Lake

This is the 4th album by Celtic Frost and you may notice there is no samples for it, well here is the reason why. This album is bascially a sell-out album because the band cashed in on the glam scene that was going on so switched from their extreme metal sound to a trad heavy metal sound despite being marketed towards the appeal of Glam.

When it was released it got panned by both crtics and fans who labeled it as a sell-out album, not only did they sell-out musically they also changed their appearance, remade with teased hairstyle to look like popular glam acts such as Mötley Crüe. Their eariler works were underground extreme metal.

Modern reviews for the album have been more positive, but it still remains known as the worst Celtic Frost album,and the band skipped this album when they were remastering all of their other albums, that's because the band themselves hate the album, Tom Warrior has stated that "absolute worst I could do in my lifetime." He has also called it "an utter piece of s***" and "possibly the worst album ever created in heavy music." Oliver Amberg was was quickly fired after the release of the album.

Some of the songs have appeared on the album "Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying" but in a different, heavier mix that Tom Warrior supervised.

The album is no longer available to buy because of previously stated reasons, making the album much sought after by collectors.

Despite being one of the most hated albums in metal, Quorthon from Bathory, had praise for the album and claimed it was an influence on his solo career and move towards grunge.

The Top Ten

1 Cherry Orchards UListen to Sample
2 Juices Like Wine UListen to Sample
3 (Once) They Were Eagles
4 Downtown Hanoi UListen to Sample
5 Roses Without Thorns
6 Blood on Kisses
7 Dance Sleazy
8 Seduce Me Tonight
9 Petty Obsession
10 Little Velvet

The Contenders

11 Tease Me
12 Mexican Radio
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