Best Songs On Chris Brown's Fortune

The Top Ten

Turn Up the Music Turn Up the Music Cover Art
Mirage Mirage Cover Art

Best collab song on the album. Nas is a beast

Don't Wake Me Up Don't Wake Me Up Cover Art
2012 2012 Cover Art
Till I Die Till I Die Cover Art
Remember My Name Remember My Name Cover Art
Sweet Love Sweet Love Cover Art
Wait for You Wait for You Cover Art
Don't Judge Me Don't Judge Me Cover Art
Free Run Free Run Cover Art

Best song on fortune


The Contenders

Party Hard/Cadillac Party Hard/Cadillac Cover Art

This is easily his best song but it's not that good. - AlphaQ

Trumpet Lights Trumpet Lights Cover Art

That song is so bad it should've been banned by the Catholic church. It's just Chris Brown drowning in autotune over digital farts. For that matter, it should've been named "Trumpet Farts" - LoveMusicLoveLife

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Touch Me Touch Me Cover Art
4 Years Old 4 Years Old Cover Art

That the best song on fortune

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