Best Songs from Closure in Moscow's Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade is the second studio album by Australian rock band Closure in Moscow. It was released on 9 May 2014 via Sabretusk records.

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1 The Church of the Technochrist The Church of the Technochrist

My favourite song on the album, containing incredible energy, with an all around wonderful performance. I love how the chorus sounds somewhat underwhelming the first time it appears, and then blows you away once it reappears later in the song, being so much more powerful. The seamless transitions between the various melodic lines and sections of the song is really what puts this one so far above for me though, as the instrumentals are quite dense and complex in general, causing these kinds of transitions to sound all the more impressive. - kempokid

2 Dinosaur Boss Battle Dinosaur Boss Battle

A really cool mid paced song with a really great chorus, with the phrase "we got it beat" being repeated to great effect. This is an incredibly dense song that never really lets up at any point, continuously bombarding the listener with bluesy melodies, points that almost become indistinguishable noise, and then an extremely cool guitar solo. Out of all the songs on this already extremely insane album, this one stands out as one of the most ridiculous of them all, especially in terms of lyrics. - kempokid

3 Neoprene Byzantine Neoprene Byzantine

Easily one of the highlights of the album, channelling the incredible energy of the Mars Volta, and then making it distinctly their own by making it so unbelievably groovy. I love the fast pace of the vocals throughout, with the off kilter nature of the rhythms and melodies of them to make the song incredibly fun, with the constant drumbeat carrying this energy even further. The chorus is absolutely amazing as well. - kempokid

4 Happy Days

I find this song to be nearly impossible not not joyously sing along to its wonderfully upbeat, optimistic lyrics. This is definitely the easiest song to listen to at any point, being energetic without becoming chaotic, while also not throwing anything particularly outlandish at the listener. I also find the outro to be absolutely incredible, making is a perfect closer to the album - kempokid

5 Seeds of Gold

This is such a wonderful song, with a more commercial, dance like nature to it. The structure of it is quite simple, with a simple verse - chorus etc. layout. This is also one of the only songs on the album to not add any extra silliness to it, providing an incredibly enjoyable, easy listen that still manages to have quite a lot of lasting power to it. - kempokid

6 Mauerbauertraurigkeit

Easily the best vocal performance on the album,more controlled, with a decent range as well. The song never really hits the same level of energy of absurdity as some others, but even so, the climax of this song is definitely hard hitting, with some genuinely emotional sounding moments. The drums at the end also are really interesting. - kempokid

7 Pink Lemonade

I really like the bassline at the start, and the great use of backing vocals, along with layering, creating quite a nice sounding intro, before the song's energy picks up into awesome solos and insane transitions, going from traditional sounding modern prog, to something incredibly funky and danceable. While the song has no clear structure, as almost the entire song sounds like its climax, it is an enjoyable listen all the way through, with some incredibly enjoyable vocals, with vocal melodies that jump around quite a bit at times. I also find the part at the end with the female vocals to be cool. - kempokid

8 That Brahmatron Song

I really like the riff in the first half, very simple, but also highly memorable. The song is split up into two distinct sections, with the second half featuring quite a lot of distortion and general noise. While both halves work exceptionally well, I do find that the song can drag for a bit too long, especially the latter half of it, which could have been cut by a minute or two. Even so, as it stands, it is still a highly enjoyable song. - kempokid

9 Beckon Fire

A really nice, atmospheric track that gives a break after the intensity of the previous song. I really enjoy it all around, with a nearly hypnotic beat and some cool distortion on the vocals. - kempokid

10 The Fool

I enjoy the soothing intro with heavy focus on ambience completely change into wonderfully full on energetic instrumentation within the space of about 5 seconds. An extremely fun intro piece that somewhat sets up the rest of the album's sound. - kempokid

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