Best Songs from Coheed and Cambria's Year of the Black Rainbow

Year of the Black Rainbow is the fifth studio album by rock band Coheed and Cambria, released on April 13, 2010 through Columbia records.

The Top Ten

1 This Shattered Symphony This Shattered Symphony

Definitely containing the best melodies in the album, with some wonderful sounding guitar work, and have a darker kind of sound to it that lends itself slightly more to the poor production. - kempokid

2 Pearl of the Stars Pearl of the Stars

Definitely a lovely ballad, managing to sound quite beautiful, especially the small solo, which nicely ties this track together, and makes it one of the few times on the album where a song is quite distinctive and interesting to listen to. - kempokid

3 The Broken The Broken

I always find the opening songs to this band's albums to be really great and anthemic in nature, always being able to create epics that are a blast to listen to. I do find the issue with this album as a whole to be the somewhat muddy production, which takes away from almost every track on it, but even with that, many of the compositions are still of high quality. - kempokid

4 Guns of Summer

Easily the most divisive song the band has written, as it utilises a great deal of electronic elements to make something that is far different to their other material. I personally find the intense, dense nature of the track to be really cool, and find it to be very good, despite some questionable vocal melodies. - kempokid

5 When Skeletons Live

Another song with some great riffs and vocal melodies, definitely one of the songs that sound a bit more like some slightly earlier work by the band, but definitely one of the better ones on the album, despite the fact that I once again feel as if it goes on for slightly too long.. - kempokid

6 World of Lines

This makes me think of a better version of Gravemakers and Gunslingers, having a straightforward, fast paced nature to it, but in this case, the riffs are much better, and the song is just overall a much more entertaining listen, but still not a very involved one. - kempokid

7 The Black Rainbow

While the mix has the vocals too far back, and the song meandering somewhat, I still find this to be a pretty decent song in terms of the soundcapes made, but still find it a somewhat lackluster way to end an already poor album. - kempokid

8 Here We are Juggernaut

A very straightforward song in general without much to interest me. Certain moments do display some decent vocal ability, but as a whole, I simply find this to be a slightly above average song. - kempokid

9 In the Flame of Error

I find the instrumentation, especially the way the drums and bass perfectly work off one another to give it a cool sound that reminds me somewhat of Apollo I : The Writing Writer. My issue with it once again falls upon the fact that I just find the song to drag slightly by the end. - kempokid

10 Made Out of Nothing (All that I Am)

An unfortunately repetitive song that honestly drags quite a lot by the end. I find it to be quite a dull song in general, but not a completely incompetent one - kempokid

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