Best Songs from Coin's Coin Album


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1 Run

A stand out track on the album, the tune of this is so catchy but the lyrics are still very meaningful and beautiful. The melodic sway of the song is magical. The chorus is amazing, one of there best of all time. - YOUnique253

2 Atlas

No one can deny the positive vibes this song rocks. The lyrics are so relatable, I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. This song will always be memorable and special to me, true COIN sound. - YOUnique253

3 Fingers Crossed

Sometimes underrated or overlooked, I think this song lives up to the two before it. If you have ever been in a situation where you feel lost for love, this song is for you. It makes me sad and hopeful at the same time, a brilliant melody and rhythm. - YOUnique253

4 Time Machine

One of their most well known, this song gets better the more you listen to it. His voice is so clear and pretty in this song, an old timey kind of vibe that he really kills. Love this song to death - YOUnique253

5 Holy Ghost

Slightly different than the rest of the album, this song has a more Vinyl Theatre vibe, which is a good thing in the case! I love this song. The slower beat is relaxing and nice to just reflect to. This song is my holy ghost. - YOUnique253

6 I Would

A slow song, a wonderful song, a heartfelt song, This song is my life. I could never relate to any song more than this. It makes me cry tears of joy every time I hear it, I wish I had that much passion in my life. - YOUnique253

7 Better

A U2 vibe, especially the beginning. A spectacular song with some really thoughtful lyrics. - YOUnique253

8 Speaking Voice
9 Lately
10 It's a Trap
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