Best Songs on Coroner's Mental Vortex

Mental Vortex is Coroner's 4th album (1991) and their most critically acclaimed album - it is considered as one of the most technical and proficient albums of thrash metal.
Also, Chuck Schuldiner of Death frequently cited Coroner as influence, especially later in his career.

This album is probably Coroner's most progressive and mature achievement. They have been called "the Rush of thrash metal" for their proggy and more complex style of thrash, best demonstrated on this album.

Coroner are a Swiss metal band that play thrash, technical thrash, progressive metal and avant-garde metal. They were originally road crew for Celtic Frost.

Ron Broder (as Ron Royce) - Vocals/Bass
Tommy Vetterli (as Tommy T. Baron) - Guitars
Marky Edelmann (as Marquis Marky) - Drums

The Top Ten

1 Semtex Revolution Semtex Revolution
2 Son of Lilith

I would call this song epic progressive thrash. Slayer meets Rush? Why not.
All songs on this album are equally good and I admit it was difficult to rank them - several songs deserve to be at #1. - Metal_Treasure

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3 Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)
4 Metamorphosis

I think song and this album is the apex of Coroner's progressive brand of thrash. They didn't take it too far like they did with Grin and later non-album releases, and they did a lot of good thrash, too. That being said, I prefer their previous albums.

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5 Pale Sister UListen to Sample
6 About Life

This is the least progressive song on the album - it still has some prog elements but it's a pretty standard thrash song. - Metal_Treasure

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7 I Want You (She's So Heavy)

A cover of The Beatles song. I love the double bass drumming Coroner added. - Metal_Treasure

The best Beatles cover song - christangrant

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8 Sirens UListen to Sample
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1. Son of Lilith
2. Semtex Revolution
3. Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)
1. Son of Lilith
2. Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)
3. Semtex Revolution
1. Semtex Revolution
2. Son of Lilith
3. Metamorphosis

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