Best Songs on Coroner's No More Color

No More Color is the 3rd album by Coroner released in 1989. Coroner are a Swiss metal band that play thrash, technical thrash, progressive metal and avant-garde metal. Coroner were originally road crew for Celtic Frost.

This album contains mostly technical thrash metal - here they began including more progressive and technical elements. No More Color also features very proficient instrumentation.

Coroner have been called "the Rush of thrash metal" for their proggy and more complex style of thrash. I think Coroner are awesome.

Ron Broder (as Ron Royce) - Vocals/Bass
Tommy Vetterli (as Tommy T. Baron) - Guitars
Marky Edelmann (as Marquis Marky) - Drums

The Top Ten

1 Tunnel of Pain

One of my favorite song intros. - Metal_Treasure

2 Die by My Hand
3 D.O.A.
4 Read My Scars
5 Mistress of Deception
6 Why It Hurts
7 Last Entertainment

This song isn't thrash but it's very interesting (it is the album closer). - Metal_Treasure

8 No Need to Be Human

This song is more prog metal than thrash but it's a very good song. - Metal_Treasure

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