Top 10 Songs that Could Be on Albums by Other Music Artists

Cover versions don't count.

I am not talking about ripoffs but some songs remind me of some other music artists - either the style or genre, or something specific, such as vocal style, guitar sound, etc.
It's when only die hard fans (who know many details) would understand that this is a different band.

This list is about songs where you may understand that it's a different band but nevertheless you can't deny there are similarities without being ripoffs.

This list does not imply criticism.

The Top Ten

1 Arise - Sepultura

On a Slayer album - Metal_Treasure

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2 Long Stick Goes Boom - Krokus

Yep, and should be placed next to You Shook Me All Nigh Long - Metal_Treasure

ACDC album - christangrant

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3 Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

Pearl Jam Album - christangrant

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4 The Lumberjack - Jackyl

On an ACDC album - Metal_Treasure

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5 Nailed to the Wheel - Edguy

This could be on an Iron Maiden album. It doesn't remind me of any particular Iron Maiden song but its overall style and vocals are so Iron Maiden-ish (to me). - Metal_Treasure

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6 Mother - Danzig

This song is way too heavy to on a Doors album. If anything the earliest I could see this being made is the early 80's maybe late 70's. - Rambles

On an album by the Doors - Metal_Treasure

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7 The Nile Song - Pink Floyd

On a Nirvana album, mostly for the vocals. - Metal_Treasure

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8 Amaranth - Nightwish

On a Beyond the Black album.

Nightwish usually is not that poppy, they're more epic and symphonic. Also Anette Olzen's voice is similar to Jennifer Haben's. - Martin_Canine

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9 Deepthroat - Cupcakke

On a Linkin Park album - Ub8

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10 2b a Master - Pokemon

On a Michael Jackson album (this guy's voice and singing style in the verses). - Martin_Canine

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The Contenders

11 No Friend - Paramore

101 votes on this list

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12 Alive and on Fire - Primal Fear

Could be on a Judas Priest album and only die hard Judas Priest fans would notice that this isn't Judas Priest. - Metal_Treasure

A lot songs could be on a reunion era Judas Priest album. - Rambles

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13 Neon Knights - Black Sabbath

On a Rainbow album - Metal_Treasure

14 Back Round - Wolfmother

On a Led Zeppelin album - Metal_Treasure

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15 Bad Girls Club - Jeanette

On an Avril Lavigne album. - Martin_Canine

16 Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin

Beatles Album mainly for the vocals - christangrant

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17 Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare -all) - Type O Negative

I could see this song being on a Danzig album - christangrant

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18 Cruel Pornography - Blood on the Dance Floor

On a Marilyn Manson album. - Martin_Canine

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19 Beneath the Remains - Sepultura UListen to Sample
20 Molly’s Lips - Nirvana

On a Green Day album, maybe? - Undistinguished

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21 (I Just) Died in Your Arms - Cutting Crew

On YouTube it's been often wrongly attributed to Whitesnake. Currently there's only a remix attributing this to Whitesnake but I have seen several videos within recent years. - Metal_Treasure

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22 Pandemic - Accept

On an ACDC album - Metal_Treasure

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23 Faith - George Michael

On a Prince album. - Martin_Canine

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24 Permanating - Steven Wilson

A new song from his upcoming 2017 album, To the Bone. I actually really like this song but it seems very reminiscent to ABBA's Mama Mia... this could've been on an ABBA album. - IronSabbathPriest

IronSabbathPriest, ABBA are the most special pop group ever. Many classical, metal and rock musicians like them. - Metal_Treasure

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25 Davidian - Machine Head

Very reminiscent of something from Far Beyond Driven era Pantera. - cjWriter1997

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26 No Worries - Dat Adam

On a Kanye West album
(Just don't tell them, they [being anti-materialists] hate Kanye and everything he stands for) - Martin_Canine

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27 Soda Pop - Britney Spears

On an early Christina Aguilera album. - Martin_Canine

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28 Higher - Creed

This has a very Pearl Jam feel to it - christangrant

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29 Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter - Iron Maiden

ACDC album - christangrant

30 Black Lodge - Anthrax

Alice in Chains album (Especially the Vocals) - christangrant

31 I Ran - A Flock of Seagulls

On a Duran Duran album. - jrodz

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32 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

On a Metallica album - Ub8

In all seriousness, this wouldn't sound out of place on a PC MUSIC compilation. - djpenquin999

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33 Inner Self - Sepultura

On a Slayer or Exodus album - Metal_Treasure

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34 Rasputin - Boney M

On a Dschingis Khan album.

I actually thought it was by Dschingis Khan for a very long time. - Martin_Canine

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35 Too High to Get It Right - Accept

AC/DC album

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36 From Sarah with Love - Sarah Connor

On a Toni Braxton album (the one with Unbreak my Heart on it). I just heard this song thanks to a Martin Canine list and that was the 1st thing I noticed. - Metal_Treasure

@Metal_Treasure: "Just One Last Dance" sounds even more similar.
But you wouldn't notice if you lived here, considering that she is a really big superstar over here and this is her signature sound. Unbreak My Heart wasn't nearly as big of a hit as anything by her. - Martin_Canine

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37 Aesthetics of Hate - Machine Head

On Pantera album (Especially Far Beyond Driven) - christangrant

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38 Radikult - Morbid Angel

On a Marilyn Manson album which by the way I have absolutely No idea why Morbid Angel thought ripping off Manson was a good idea - christangrant

LOL, yes. Why the hell a great death metal band ripped off The Beautiful People? Was it actually a bad attempt at making a parody? - Metal_Treasure

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39 Pusher - Nickelback

I think it would sound better on a Pearl Jam album because the vocals are closer. Kurt voice wasn't that powerful and deep. - Metal_Treasure

On a Nirvana or Pearl Jam album. - Martin_Canine

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40 Under My Skin - Sarah Connor

On Christina Aguilera's "Bionic". - Martin_Canine

I love Sarah Connor, she has an amazing voice for soul and RnB. But whoever thought letting her record a sexualized electropop album was a good idea needs a well placed slap in the face. - Martin_Canine

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41 Play Dead - Björk

On a Megumi Hayashibara album. - Martin_Canine

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42 Where Have All the Good Men Gone - Conchita Wurst

On a Donna Summer album. - Martin_Canine

By the way that's a biological man.
(Not in any way offensive, I just adore his stunningly perfect female singing voice) - Martin_Canine

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43 Ring 'round - Jackie Q & Infant Sorrow

On a Britney Spears album. - Martin_Canine

44 Phil - Acting Lovers

On an E-Rotic album. - Martin_Canine

45 Victim Tonight - Sex Appeal

On an Ace of Base album. - Martin_Canine

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46 Ordinary Life - Liquido

On a Bloodhound Gang album. - Martin_Canine

47 Rockstarz - Vanilla Ninja

On an album by a Bubblegum dance band such as Ch! pz, or on a LazyTown soundtrack.

Really, what were they thinking?
The album has an emotional synth rock sound and features themes such as female independence, how the view for the world changes since childhood, or angstly emotions, all wrapped in metaphorical wordings.
Oh, and there is this song with a chorus that goes like this "We are Rockstarz! - Woohoo! / We gonna wreck this place with our guitars! "
It's one of the few tracks on the album they did not write themselves, so why even include it? And worse: this was one of only two singles released from the album (the other one is Dangerzone, a fine track). No wonder they stopped making music after this. - Martin_Canine

48 Prayer to the God of War - Vader

On a Slayer album. Vader are a death metal band but have some thrash songs. Their version of death metal is kinda thrashy in general. - Metal_Treasure

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49 Rock Rock (Till You Drop) - Def Leppard

AC/DC album - christangrant

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50 Du Riechst So Gut - Rammstein

KMFDM album

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1. Arise - Sepultura
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3. Plush - Stone Temple Pilots
1. Long Stick Goes Boom - Krokus
2. Mother - Danzig
3. The Nile Song - Pink Floyd

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