Top Ten Songs from Cro's "Melodie"

“Melodie” is the second studio album by German rapper and producer Cro, released in 2014.

It topped the German, Austrian and Swiss charts. The album was certified triple gold in Germany, platinum in Austria and gold in Switzerland. It further strengthened Cro’s status as one of the most famous German celebrities of the 2010s and made him more accepted in the hip hop community.

The album received even better reviews than its predecessor. It was felt that, while still containing his trademark interpolations of indie pop, Cro’s focus is now much more on rapping than singing, and he generally leans more towards hip hop than pop rap. Yet still, the choruses were catchy enough to please the mainstream radio listener and were favoribly commented on. The production received universal praise and was highlighted in almost every single review.

“Melodie” is more hip hop oriented than Cro’s debut album “Raop”, its beats are dominated by oldschool drum kits and anthemic trumpet and soul samples. Lyrically, Cro continues the uplifting and carefree tone of his previous record, but also adds coming of age topics to his catalogue of themes. Cro is part of a wave of German pop culture figures that are critical to the general idea of “becoming adult” in a sense of character traits and preferences associated with “childish behavior”, feeling you should live out your personality rather than fulfilling society’s expectations of how to behave and what to like. Other artists that stand for similar views are the experimental hip hop group Dat Adam and the filmmaker and YouTuber darkviktory.
The only guest artist on the album is Dajuan, who is featured on “Meine Gang (Bang Bang)”.

The album’s lead single “Traum” topped the German, Austrian and Swiss charts. It was certified platinum in the latter two and double platinum in Germany. “Bad Chick” peaked at number nine in Germany, the other singles “Hey Girl” and “Melodie” (the latter in a live version off his album “MTV Unplugged”) were only minor successes.

The Top Ten

1 Never Cro Up
2 Meine Gang (Bang Bang)

I'm not even german I'm jamaican learning german, and this song is lit - RealTendoMendo

Check out his album "tru."
It's not only lyrically stunning (introspective and with great storytelling), it's musically artful. - Martin_Canine

3 2006
4 Cop Love
5 I Can Feel It (Intro)
6 Traum
7 Erinnerung
8 Bad Chick
9 Rennen
10 Melodie

The Contenders

11 Hey Girl
12 Vielleicht
13 Jetzt
14 Wir Waren Hier II
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