We All Bleed Review

Nonpointed So remember when Crossfade made that nu metal hit song Cold so long ago? That was 2004 with their self-titled album, which actually went platinum. Their next album was a complete and utter flop though. That album was Falling Away. Upon losing label with Columbia Records, and then for the third album Ed Sloan went with long-time bassist Mitch James as well as guitarist Les Hall and new drummer Mark Castillo for We All Bleed, their third, and so far, most recent album.

1. Dead Memories
Pros: This album opens up with this incredibly fast opener. The guitars are easily the strongest bit, with Les providing tons of licks throughout the short song. And good thing it's a short one too, if it was longer it would have overstayed its welcome. The vocals and drumming are far from bad as well, the vocals especially have a great ring and the lyrics are quite eerie.
Cons: Not much really. By the way, we're not talking about the Slipknot song here.

2. Killing Me Inside
Pros: The first single off the album, there's, actually not much going for it though. The best work clearly comes at the bridge ("I say you can breathe inside" and following), with echoing verses in the background. I love those.
Cons: Chorus is quite repetitive, verses could use some work too.

3. Prove You Wrong
Pros: Here's a song that got me back into the band. The electronic beats whenever the guitar doesn't play are fantastic. Again, vocals are great, and the solo isn't bad either.
Cons: Was expecting more really.

4. Lay Me Down
Pros: Here it is, my favorite track on this album. Why though? The almost suicidal lyrics, the guitar descents during the chorus, the echoes that play while the fast solo comes along. It is just such a haunting melody. And the ending does not disappoint at all, bringing it incredibly slow while a piano plays the last, haunting notes. Absolutely wonderful.
Cons: Nope

5. Dear Cocaine
Pros: This one starts off acoustic, with some strange lyrics about, well, cocaine. It hits its stride at the lyric "I'm not your whore anymore" where the guitars go from acoustic to some sort of country twang. Then it becomes a rock song later on, with an emphasized riff-solo and another chorus before finally slowing down at the end.
Cons: The ballad-like nature won't be appealing at first.

6. Suffocate
Pros: Starts off REAL slow, and once again, more haunting vocals. Probably the most haunting song on the whole album, with more amazing lyrics and great vocals all around. This is a slow song that works. Bridge is absolutely wonderful and descends into a killer solo. And the ending is another slow and haunting one.
Cons: Just try to find one.

7. I Think You Should Know
Pros: Perhaps this song sounds like a plea for help? It's another major ballad, the chorus is okay, the ending lyrics and vocals are probably the best.
Cons: It's easily overshadowed by the other songs here. I don't think it's all that bad though.

8. We All Bleed
Pros: It's another quite haunting song. Also the only one with profanity and the title track. Not really pros though. Pre-chorus riffs are quite fun though.
Cons: I don't think this works well as a haunting song. The chorus got real old after a while and the verses could be better. The ending also was quite abrupt and I didn't like it at all.

9. Open Up Your Eyes
Pros: Actually not much unfortunately. It's probably the one song on the album that has quite a positive outlook, verses are okay, but not excellent. A techno-like guitar solo is nice too.
Cons: Don't like the chorus, ending was also bad.

10. Make Me A Believer
Pros: Prepare yourself for 10 minutes of amazingness. A very long track, it starts off slow, but gets heavy and haunting rather quickly. Then there's a ton of guitar solos, which pretty much make the album. Not a whole lot of lyrics for the 10-minute song, but they are nice, and Ed sings them well. The instrumentals make this track. And if anything, the best songs on this album go from heavy to soft, and that's what this one does, slowing down at the very end. Beautiful closing track.
Cons: Maybe you won't have the patience to hear it all the way through? If so, shame on you.

Overall: 72/100

This is Crossfade's second best album overall, with a much darker tone than the others. You might not even consider it nu metal unlike their other releases, because it is certainly way darker than that. It's quite listenable in many ways.

Song ratings:
1. Lay Me Down
2. Suffocate
3. Make Me A Believer
4. Dead Memories
5. Prove You Wrong
6. Dear Cocaine
7. I Think You Should Know
8. Killing Me Inside
9. Open Up Your Eyes
10. We All Bleed