Top Ten Best Songs from Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez just released the extraordinary "Cry Baby". Vote on what song you think is the best!

The Top Ten

1 Mrs. Potato Head

I like this song but there are other songs from crybaby that are better.

2 Tag, You're It

THE BEST, I don't know why I just love also cake and training wheels - songbird3434

This is the best

No, this is the best song in 'Crybaby'. I hate how it is so underrated. But at least 4th

3 Dollhouse
4 Mad Hatter

What a horrible list. I think mad hatter should be number one and I don't know why soap, cry baby, and alphabet boy is so low on the list.

I just love this song

5 Pitty Party
6 Sippy Cup

Very catchy as well as relatable. I love every second of it

What is this doing here? Ew. This should at LEAST be higher than dollhouse. - lovefrombadlands

7 Carousel
8 Cry Baby

It's the original song, and the best. Why is it so low on the list, should be fourth at least!

9 Training Wheels

When you call me dumb for the stupid stuff I do.

This is lovely. Should be 1-3


Must be way higher
1. Mrs potato head (the message is just ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ)
2. Training wheels (the beat, lyric, tune, everything in this song is life)
3. Gingerbread Man (i personally like the creepy tune that it has)

10 Cake

This one is great too. I voted for Mad Hatter though - CommanderLudwig

Where is cake? It's an amazing and beautiful song.

Faaavorite song on the entire album by far. Mad hatter is a close second, Tag you're it a 3rd.

The Contenders

11 Soap

Soap Should be Number 1.
I guess I better wash my mouth out with soap~

12 Pacify Her

It is a really good song! - jaaaa

13 Milk and Cookies

Personally I think this one or Mrs. Potato Head are my favorites

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14 Alphabet Boy

Why is this so low on the list - CommanderLudwig

I can't believe this isn't here yet?

I know this song is good, donโ€™t need to keep teaching me. I say make this higher than 14th, Alphabet Boy. - lovefrombadlands

15 Play Date


16 Teddy Bear

Why is this last? Should be third. - lovefrombadlands

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1. Mad Hatter
2. Alphabet Boy
3. Cake
1. Dollhouse
2. Pitty Party
3. Pacify Her
1. Mad Hatter
2. Tag, You're It
3. Cake

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