Top Ten Songs from "Cy-Beast Lvl1" by Tj_beastboy & Mary Man

"CY-Beast lvl1" is the debut album by TJ_beastboy & Mary Man, a side project by Dat Adam members Taddl and Marley, released in 2017. While Dat Adam is known for an experimental electronica / hip hop mix with deep lyrics, both sociocritical and personal, this project is more straightforward and fun. The sound is poppy hip hop with a bit of rock, at parts it's even a bit of a nostalgic flashback (but it's Marley who produced it, so still expect a few surprises and cyber aesthetics), and the lyrics are mostly brag and battle rap inspired, even though Taddl intentionally doesn't use violent, materialistic or gangsta-themed lyrics as is usual in this style. Dat Adam is not into that. Instead, Taddl uses creative punchlines, musicality and flow to demonstrate his rapping skills. Occasionally he aims at how German hip hop has sold out. The two musicians also use several humorous skits on this album's songs (e.g. asking Siri to find a rapper that's better than Taddl - her response is that this is beyond her capabilities; on two other songs you hear comic conversations between Taddl, Marley and god).
The album has other notable artists of the German cyber hip hop movement, namely Young Kira, Young Mokuba, Navy Westghost and Sierra Kidd, as well as their Dat Adam band mate Ardy who raps under the pseudonym "gibbon don" on here, as guest artists.

The Top Ten

1 Modus Modus

This song is the sickest of the album. Marley's rap rock beat is awesome, and just how it's supposed to be done. The guitar perfectly blends into the hip hop beat. Taddl alternates between melodic autotuned singing and an energetic, aggressive and fluent flow that shows that he can slay on the mic. Then the robotic yet catchy Kraftwerk-ish chorus kicks in, and makes it perfect. - Martin_Canine

2 Insomnia Insomnia

This song starts off like a paranoid, angstly ballad about insomnia (duh) and how Taddl stays awake at night, desperately trying to calm and find some rest. But then after half the song the beat kicks in and he and guest star Navy Westghost rap about how other rappers' albums are the perfect sleeping pill, turning the angstly song into a comic yet musically awesome attack on monotonous flows. - Martin_Canine

3 9Leben 9Leben

If the album should spawn any hit single, it will be this. It already has a video, and it is the poppiest, catchiest and most upbeat jam of the record. The chorus will be stuck in your head for days. Young Kira also slays it on the guest verse with an outstandingly melodious flow. - Martin_Canine

4 Grizzly^10
5 Natural Aimbot
6 Sean Connery

So, this song is the odd one of the album, and sounds more like a DatAdam outtake. Firstly, it's deeper than the other songs on the record: it talks about how music artists always claim that they make a living out of music, but once getting rich, they still try to get more and more.
Taddl and Marley are successful with DatAdam and entered the top ten, but they are not rich. They had their first release in 2015, and are independent artists without a major label contract. They are credible with this song.
Secondly, this song is a musical experiment: starting off as a sinister hip hop song, it suddenly changes to heavy rock with screamo vocals. Before someone says sonething like "cringe" or "MySpace days are over" - this has NEVER been done before in Germany. Scene was never a thing and Taddl and Marley just experimented with different sounds. Plus, it is executed way better. They are recognized as a great modern music act and don't follow trends. - Martin_Canine

7 whack/killa
8 Good Morning
9 Oh Damn
10 Gum-Gum-Kalash

The Contenders

11 Incoming_call

A one minute musical skit about Taddl calling a "Gago" (their slang term for a whack person) on the phone and battling him on the phone. This is really creative, his flow is amazing and the beat is sick. Unfortunately, it's only 1 minute short. They should have turned this into a full song. - Martin_Canine

12 Mag Ja Sein...
13 Gagos

You know... this is the album's ending track and it was a really strong album with lots of creativity in music, punchlines and vocal delivery. But this last song is the weakest. It has everything the others have too, but it's too silly. The whole concept is that Taddl is jamming with god (a deep pitched voice, probably one of the two) and how god is also simply a dude hanging out with them, also playing music. While funny at times, it wears a bit thin lasting 5 minutes, plus "Grizzly^10" already starts with a similar skit, in which god tells them he never created a better rapper and producer than Taddl and Marley, respectively. It is a tad bit too goofy for such intelligent artists, their humor is usually wrapped into hard hitting lyrics, maybe a skit or two, but not such a novelty song. That may sound harsh... but it's still at least a 3 out of 5. - Martin_Canine

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