Top 10 Songs on D.R.I.'s Crossover

This is the album that coined the term "Crossover Thrash"

The Top Ten

Tear It Down Tear It Down Cover Art

4 of a Kind and Thrash Zone are good follow ups but this album to me is better because it has better sound to it and kinda sounds similar to Beneath the Remains and Arise by Sepultura but with no Death Metalish moments that's probably why I like this album so much cause those 2 albums I like a lot. - christangrant

Hooked Hooked Cover Art

Intro to this song = Doom E1M1 - christangrant

Go Die Go Die Cover Art
No Religion No Religion Cover Art
Redline Redline Cover Art
Decisions Decisions Cover Art
The Five Year Plan The Five Year Plan Cover Art
Probation Probation Cover Art
Fun & Games Fun & Games Cover Art
Oblivion Oblivion Cover Art

The Contenders

I.D.K.Y. I.D.K.Y. Cover Art
A Coffin A Coffin Cover Art
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