Top 10 Songs on D.R.I.'s Thrash Zone

Thrash Zone is the 5th album by D.R.I. and it was released on October 10, 1989, It continues the Crossover Thrash sound from the previous albums. This is their most successful album to date and the song Beneath the Wheel which had a music video made for it received airplay from MTV, the song was also featured in the game Skate 2.

The Top Ten

Beneath the Wheel Beneath the Wheel Cover Art
Thrashard Thrashard Cover Art
Enemy Within Enemy Within Cover Art
You Say I'm Scum You Say I'm Scum Cover Art
Standing In Line Standing In Line Cover Art
The Trade The Trade Cover Art
Kill the Words Kill the Words Cover Art
Abduction Abduction Cover Art
Strategy Strategy Cover Art
Drown You Out Drown You Out Cover Art

The Contenders

Gun Control Gun Control Cover Art
Give a Hoot Give a Hoot Cover Art
Worker Bee Worker Bee Cover Art
Labeled Uncurable Labeled Uncurable Cover Art
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