Best Songs From Daft Punk's Discovery

The french duo Daft Punk have brought us many great songs, but what are the Top Ten Songs of their album Discovery.

The Top Ten Best Songs From Daft Punk's Discovery

1 One More Time

One of their best... 2001 was a great year!

2 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Their best song till date... No argument there...

3 Digital Love

This song makes me fall in love every time I hear it. My crush doesn't know how much I love him and how perfectly matched we are. This song reminds me of him because it's a love song and he loves daft punk as much as me. It just works for me because of my scenario.

4 Something About Us

Very slow and groovy. It also has a melancholic vibe to it. I love this one.

5 Aerodynamic

Such a great song

Epic guitar solo - PinkHeno

So good!

6 Face to Face

Definitely an under appreciated track! The sampling in this one is incredible!

7 Voyager

What a bass line this has! A truly significant entry into the disco music universe.

Why is this so low? This song has an amazing synth and deep grooving bassline.

I'm going back to bassics with this one.

8 Veridis Quo

Pretty lit and dark. Sounds almost like some sort of woodwind instrument. - Blackzelot101

9 Superheroes
10 Crescendolls

The Contenders

11 Too Long
12 Nightvision
13 High Life
14 Short Circuit
15 Derezzed

What?! This isn't even from Discovery, it's from the tron legacy soundtrack

This isn't from discovery, dumbass

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