Top 10 Best Songs on Dakesis's the New Dawn

Here's my list of the best songs from the album 'The New Dawn' by British progressive metal band Dakesis.
Credit to Gemma, Matt, Adam and Amie for putting out this awesome album.

The Top Ten

1 The Great Insurrection

This for me is the song that best sums up the sound Dakesis go for. It has all their elements of symphonic soundscapes, a punchy opening, monster solos and Gemma Lawler showing off some impressive vocal range.
If I could suggest a song of theirs to listen to get into them I would go for this one. - SuperSonic17

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2 The Seventh Sky

Their grand 17-minute epic that covers all areas. The slow beginning, the build up to more heavy riffs from Matt Jones, a lot of great sections in between before finishing with a bang.
It's a little exhausting, but if you can find the time for it, it's truly awesome. - SuperSonic17

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3 By the Fading Light

The final song on the album. It's a long one at 11 minutes, though not as grand in scale as 'The Seventh Sky' in my opinion this song has better slow sections. - SuperSonic17

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4 Judgement Day

This song encompasses the best of both worlds for me. It starts with an acoustic opening, and as the song goes on it gradually transcends into heavier territory whilst still keeping a nice tune going. Just one of the ones that sticks in your head. - SuperSonic17

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5 The Sacrifice

One of the band's slower paced songs. Dark in some areas but in others it showcase's some of Gemma's more tender vocal work. - SuperSonic17

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6 The New Dawn

The album title track is also the one to get the album rolling. Makes great use of the symphonic sound along with some memorable guitar work from Matt. - SuperSonic17

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7 To Conquer or Die

Another song that has a grand sense of scale with it's gospel choir opening and it's memorable chorus. - SuperSonic17

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8 Betrayal

This song features guest vocals from Matt Gore from 'The Mighty Wraith'. Probably one of the band's best songs to just headbang along to. - SuperSonic17

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9 Destined for the Flame

Probably their fastest song. A real shredder of a tune. Matt and Adam are on fire here. - SuperSonic17

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10 Autumn

This slow and melodic ballad shows off the band's more soft side. Nice use of the acoustic guitar as well. - SuperSonic17

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The Contenders

11 Call to Freedom

This song works as the band's rallying battle cry. Not much else to say, pretty cool song. - SuperSonic17

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12 Intermezzo: Meridian

The halfway point of the album features this interlude. This song sounds like it belongs in a fantasy movie/game, and it segways nicely into 'Judgement Day'. - SuperSonic17

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13 Overture: The Darkest Hour

Right from the get go this introductory music piece should let you know you're in for something special up ahead. - SuperSonic17

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1. The Great Insurrection
2. The Seventh Sky
3. By the Fading Light


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