Top Ten Songs from Dat Adam's "Chrome" and "How to Flex and Troll a Scene"

The Top Ten

1 S/O

The EP "How to Flex & Troll a Scene" was released in 2017 AFTER their debut album "Hydra 3D". It features a more anarchic sound, is often aggressive and experimental, and generally is aiming at the German hip hop scene, that they feel is disappointing and doesn't appeal to their views and values - but at the same time they are praising how they and their friends in the cyber hippie movement live. Ultimately, they are easy and peaceful in a complicated and raging world.
The project feels energetic and rebellious in tone. - Martin_Canine

2 700 Main Street

The EP "Chrome" was released in 2015 BEFORE their debut album "Hydra 3D", as their first music release. It features a rather light hearted, poppy sound, and has DatAdam enjoying themselves, over dreamy and soft, spheric beats. The topics aren't attacking that much, it feels more like they took a deep puff of their weed and enjoyed being alive. They don't feel very fed up with anything, it's more like they are free and live in an easy and open minded world of their own, and want to invite us. - Martin_Canine

4 xD
5 Goody Goody
7 IO
8 Swiggy Swiggy
10 Session
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