Best Songs From Queen's "A Day at the Races"

The Top Ten

1 Somebody to Love

romance without banality, wonderful armonies, ultimate love song

Masterpiece written by Freddie.
It was Freddie's favourite, too.

2 Tie Your Mother Down

One of their best hard rock songs.

3 The Millionare Waltz

Fantastic, sheer brilliance. Only Queen could ever "Get Away" with this, nobody else could ever create such music. Queen music from the 70's was amazing.

This masterpiece beats Somebody to Love.

Very good! Perfect!

4 Teo Torriatte

Though I adore Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy nothing less than Teo Torriate, I prefer to vote for this great closer! Truly genial piece of work in the brilliant album!

5 Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
6 You Take My Breath Away

It is the greatest love ballade, even if it was written from a man to a man, love is love after all

7 White Man

Reminds me of The Prophet's Song in a way. Anyway, I think this song should be third, behind Tie Your Mother Down and Somebody to Love.

Come on! These people must be retarded for putting THIS song #9!

8 Long Away
9 You and I

One of the best by Deacon

10 Drowse
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