Best Songs From A Day To Remember's Common Courtesy

The Top Ten Best Songs From A Day To Remember's Common Courtesy

1 Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail

Literally makes me feel better every single time I feel like crap.

It never really occuured to me why I listen to sad songs when I'm happy, this song just relates completely to my life.

Cast your stones, cast your judgement you don't make me who I am!

This song is just so amazing and its inspirational. Sometimes I feel insecure being myself, but that one part comes up man and just tears man c':

2 I'm Already Gone

Best acoustic song by ADTR bar none. Probably even their best song. The harmonies, the tune, the lyrics, it all screams perfection. For a song that was thought up in 2010 (which makes it 5 years in the making), this is really damn good.
"With everything that sets me back, I push back harder to clear the way. There's not a thing that I regret, can't live my life in yesterday."
"I'm, I'm already gone. I'm already something, to someone, that I don't know. When will I know? And I'm, I'm out making rounds, on every side of town, that I've been through, that I know. To find my reason to come back home."
For my own list, I'm really stupid for not putting this at first as #1. Dunce mistake. - CreepyPastaT10

3 Right Back at It Again

Best song ever by them! Its always on Kfma and I love every second it plays

4 End of Me

I just relate to it, I love this song so much. I think it deserves first place!

5 City of Ocala
6 Dead & Buried
7 Violence (Enough Is Enough)

Don't get me wrong, this song is good, but I think it's too high. The song is sick, the tone is catchy, but the screaming is just too present for a ADTR song for me. Some might argue that other songs have screaming just as present, but I reply that those songs are really damn catchy, especially 2nd sucks, which this song doesn't even compare to. Mr. Highway's Thinking about the End has better screaming than this. - CreepyPastaT10

For me this is by far the best song on the album. Its really heavy, melodic and catchy. most songs on the album are pop-punk-songs (not bad, just not my taste)... but Violence is a masterpiece of post-hardcore. - Flav

Sick song my favorite.

8 I Remember
9 Best of Me
10 Leave All the Lights On

Such underrated song. My favourite of this album.

Why so low?!?
What's with acoustic songs getting a bad rap? News flash: They're AMAZING. Especially this song. #9? Seriously?
"Cause this city goes the way that you plan" - CreepyPastaT10

The Contenders

11 The Document Speaks for Itself
12 Good Things

Criminal for being this low at #11. This song is a sick beat, at least have it higher than Dead and Buried. - CreepyPastaT10

13 Same Book But Never the Same Page
14 I Surrender
15 Life @ 11

This is the most underrated song on this album

16 Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way
17 Casablanca Sucked Anyways

This song isn't even on Common Courtesy

Great track deserves to be in top five my top three 3.sometimes you're the hammer sometimes you're the nail 2.good things 1.cancabalane sucked anyways when I look at this it looks like b****

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