Best Songs From Death's The Sound of Perseverance


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1 Voice of the Soul

This instrumental for me the best track of the album - nooreldeen

2 Flesh and the Power It Holds

Overrated Voice of the Soul. This is clearly the best of the rest.

Nobody can top chuck's high pitched voice... - nooreldeen

1. Flesh and the Power it Holds
2. Scavenger of Human Sorrow
3. A Moment of Clarity
4. Spirit Crusher
5. Voice of the Soul
6. To Forgive is to Suffer
7. Bite the Pain
8. Story to Tell
9. Painkiller
Painkiller is only at the bottom because it's a cover, very good cover though, the songs on this album are insanely hard to rank for me, every song is fantastic - Derrick_Fox

3 Spirit Crusher
4 Scavenger of Human Sorrow

One of my favorite guitar track from chuck.

5 Painkiller

This cover death did it very well... Better than the original... - nooreldeen

I'm sure Rob Halford was proud with the end result. - IronSabbathPriest

6 A Moment of Clarity

Nope this is just as good as flesh and spirit crusher chucks solo is one of the best

7 To Forgive is to Suffer

My second favorite next to flesh

Underrated as hell ( even though the band is)
Its very amazing. Chuck has a fine screeching guitar in this song.

8 Bite the Pain
9 Story to Tell

The worst? No way - V4noM

This moment and scavenger should be way higher

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1. Flesh and the Power It Holds
2. Scavenger of Human Sorrow
3. Spirit Crusher
1. Voice of the Soul
2. Flesh and the Power It Holds
3. Spirit Crusher
1. Voice of the Soul
2. Painkiller
3. Flesh and the Power It Holds

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