Top 10 Songs from Decyfer Down's Scarecrow

I'm going to make this brief, as I would like to try and pretend that this album never actually happened, and it's just one huge nightmare. I do like two songs on this record, So In Love and The River, but everything else is essentially exactly the same thing over and over again. It's very disappointing as whole, and it almost seems like it was just thrown together in the space of a few weeks. Thankfully, The Other Side of Darkness has redeemed Decyfer Down's honor, and I'm sure that they've learned, and they'll never try this style again.

So, I'm making a list for all of their studio albums, so here are my picks for my favorite songs from Decyfer Down's 2013 release, Scarecrow.

The Top Ten

1 So In Love

A beautiful song with so much in-depth meaning. I love DecyDown;

2 The River

I'm very confused, why was this removed from the list? Thank you RonahJohn for adding it back! - caleb4est

Beautiful song and so different from regular decydown songs.

3 Worst Enemy
4 Scarecrow
5 Bleeding Lies

This song reminds me of my life. This is my top 5 from this album:
1. So In Love
2. Say Hello
3. The River
4. Worst Enemy
5.Bleeding Lies.

6 Fight to Win
7 Say Hello
8 Some Things Never Change
9 Memory

This song makes me wanna dance!

10 Westboro
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1. So In Love
2. The River
3. Worst Enemy
1. So In Love
2. The River
3. Worst Enemy


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