Top 10 Songs from Decyfer's The Other Side of Darkness

The Top Ten

1 Nothing More

Best song of the best album of the best Christian hard rock band. Cheers!

The chorus is really something outta this world. It beats even Fading. No. 1 Decyfer Down song.

2 Anchor Me

My favorite song in the album!

3 Believe In Me

A catchy song with catchy lyrics. I practically listen to this song every day. It's so inspiring. I love Decyfer Down and thank you for a song that lasts in my heart...

4 Burn Back the Sun

The original sure is good. Decyfer Down did great in the acoustic. They beat Skillet at least in the acoustic way. I hope Decyfer Down releases the acoustic of Fading, Crash, Vanity, Other Side Of Darkness. - jerk4life

The acoustic version of this song is so well done. It beats the original. Definitely deserves to be in top 3.

5 Beautiful Lie
6 Other Side of Darkness

So underrated

7 Lifetime

The songs with the best lyrics:
1. Lifetime
2. Believe In Me
3. Forever With You
4. Here To You
5. So In Love

8 Rearrange
9 Dead Skin

May not be the best which may be the reason why its 9th. After all you vote for the best (Like Anchor Me). Great song though.

10 Don't Walk Away
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