Top 10 Songs to Dedicate to Your Bully

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1 5 Minutes Alone - Pantera
2 Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse
3 Walk - Pantera

I wouldn't play a pop song to someone I hate, this song is one big middle finger to bullies - ryanrimmel

"Walk on home, boy! "

4 F***ing Hostile - Pantera
5 Kill You - Eminem

I'd rather dedicate this to a girl in my class

Big Fan of Eminem, This is a great song,
I'm quite surprised I know all the songs on the list,
Considering they've not all had mainstream success, O.o

6 Master of Puppets - Metallica
7 The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
8 F*** You - Lily Allen F*** You - Lily Allen

Well, if the title is a swear word, followed by "you", it's perfect.

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9 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

This probably shouldn't be number 1,
But this songs really popular so people are going to vote for it anyway

These songs will get my ass whooped... Amazing. - JaysTop10List

10 Mean - Taylor Swift

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11 F*** You - Cee Lo Green
12 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

This song would just make me even more angrier because of how annoying it is.

Why the hell is this song in the Top 10?

The title of the song describes my bully

i'm not joking - Lunala

13 Oildale (Leave Me Alone) - Korn

Especially this song. "WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?! " My thoughts when I'm bullied. - NikBrusk

14 Disasterpiece - Slipknot
15 Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The other songs on this list are crap. Let's put a good song on here.

16 We R Who We R - Ke$ha
17 Gives You Hell - All American Rejects

I played this in front of my friend. We're mad at each other now. - Danguy10

18 Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner

Many people mistakenly think this is called "Death From Above" due to how it is used in many movies. Check out how it is used in the movie "Apocalypse Now", anybody with good sense would simply run if they heard it.

For over 150 years, this has been the theme song of an overwhelming and unstoppable military force swooping in to reap total annihilation, leaving nothing but smoking rubble in its wake.

Any bad guy who hears this music knows that certain death is about to arrive.

19 Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld

Why would you dedicate a song about masturbation to your bully, that makes no sense.

20 I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
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