Best Songs On Deep Purple's In Rock Album

The Top Ten Best Songs On Deep Purple's In Rock Album

1 Child In Time

This song has a amazing solo vocals and organ this should be 1

The best without a doubt...

A Masterpiece - christangrant

2 Hard Lovin' Man
3 Speed King
4 Flight of the Rat

This should be under child in time great riff lyrics and vocals

5 Bloodsucker

Can't get enough of these screams. - Metal_Treasure

Gotta Black Breast & Chinese eyes
Got an English brain that's gonna make me wise
Got a long story that I wanna' tell
To a rhythm that I know so well

6 Into the Fire
7 Black Night

It doesn't count - it was released in 1970 as a single but wasn't on the 1970 album - Metal_Treasure

Great song, but, not part of the original 1970 - "In Rock" album release?!

Not from the original but a very great song should be 3

8 Living Wreck
9 Cry Free

The in rock sessions had so many good songs that even the Outtake tracks are awesome (some are even better than some of the tracks on the original album) - christangrant

10 Jam Stew
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