Best Songs On Def Leppard's Hysteria

Best songs on the classic album 'Hysteria' by one of the finest hard rock bands of all time, definitely Leppard.

The Top Ten

1 Pour Some Sugar On Me

The best definitely Leppard song!

2 Hysteria

To me this song is the quintessential definitely Leppard song... Vocally and musically it stands out... Maybe not beyond their whole catalog... But certainly a great representative of the band they are... Awesome live song!

Can you feel it? Hysteria, a excellent song, good lyrics and sound. - JrG

Can you feel it? Hysteria, a excelent song, good lyrics and sound. - JrG

3 Love Bites

Should be in the top 3's!

4 Animal

How is this 5? Armageddon it is silly, this is quality. - cameronbrown

5 Gods of War

One Of Steve's best riffs

6 Women

Women is a more musically spectacular song than animal, whatever other people and critics say there is no question it is a much better song than love bites, animal and "pour some",only rocket is nearly as good as women.. Joe elliott vocal performance is better also in women

"one part love, one part wild, one part lady one part child@ this is the best song with rockets and the most underrated song on this album. it has such intensity, vocally and musically, the best bass and guitar line. One of the very best songs of Def leppard, and I have been listening to this band for 23 years. Better than animal and love bits there is no question

Women is an extremely underrated songs. It is the second best song on the album after rocket.

Just a terrific song, a great opener.

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7 Armageddon It
8 Rocket

Rocket has such a terrific bass line, the chorus is so phenomenal by Joe elliott, it is definitely the best song on the album with Gods of War, run riot,women and don't shoot shot guns.

Yeah I agree! YEAH!

9 Love and Affection
10 Run Riot

The Contenders

11 Excitable

A hidden gem! Should've been a single!

Should've been a single!

12 Don't Shoot Shotgun

Don't shoot shotguns is a very good def leppard songs, it rocks it is a solid rock song and great vocals. It is better song than all of the songs in adrenalized except heaven is and let' s get rocked.

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1. Pour Some Sugar On Me
2. Hysteria
3. Gods of War
1. Love Bites
2. Animal
3. Hysteria
1. Pour Some Sugar On Me
2. Hysteria
3. Gods of War

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