Best Songs On Def Leppard's Hysteria

Best songs on the classic album 'Hysteria' by one of the finest hard rock bands of all time, definitely Leppard.

The Top Ten

1 Pour Some Sugar On Me

The best definitely Leppard song!

2 Hysteria

To me this song is the quintessential definitely Leppard song... Vocally and musically it stands out... Maybe not beyond their whole catalog... But certainly a great representative of the band they are... Awesome live song!

Can you feel it? Hysteria, a excellent song, good lyrics and sound. - JrG

Can you feel it? Hysteria, a excelent song, good lyrics and sound. - JrG

3 Gods of War

One Of Steve's best riffs

4 Rocket V 1 Comment
5 Animal

How is this 5? Armageddon it is silly, this is quality. - cameronbrown

6 Love Bites

Should be in the top 3's!

7 Armageddon It
8 Women
9 Love and Affection
10 Run Riot

The Contenders

11 Excitable

A hidden gem! Should've been a single!

Should've been a single!

12 Don't Shoot Shotgun
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