Best Songs on Def Leppard's Slang

Slang is the 6th studio album by Def Leppard. This album was recorded in 1994–1995 in Marbella, Spain and January–February 1996 at Bow Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland and was released on May 14th 1996.
This album is a departure of the bands signature sound and was more toward a Alternative Rock/Grunge sound rather than the Hard Rock/Pop Rock from the previous albums. This album was not produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange but instead produced by Pete Woodroffe and Def Leppard themselves. Slang is the first album with new material to feature new guitarist Vivian Campbell (Campbell had previously played on the B-side collection Retro Active in 1993 and on the new song on Vault a year earlier). This is also the only Def Leppard album not to feature their famous recognizable logo. Vivian Campell on the sound of the album being different from their previous works "We knew we couldn't make a typical Def Leppard album in the mid-1990s,Grunge was very much happening and our stuff was anathema at the time… Personally, I think we could have bolstered the songs with a little more of that Def Lep fairy dust… but instead we went, 'No, let's keep it raw: no backing vocals; let's not do that part because it's too melodic; let's be more monotone… At least it gave us the chance to grow up a little. We live in a state of arrested development in this band, singing songs like ' Let's Get Rocked '. So we did get to write some grown-up lyrics. And we were going through a lot of shit at that time: Sav's dad died on the eve of the first recording day; both Joe and Phil were going through divorces… So it gave us an opportunity to write lyrics that reflected the reality of our lives."

Genres: Alternative Rock, Grunge


Band Members:

Rick Allen – drums, percussion

Vivian Campbell – electric guitars, acoustic guitars, dulcimer, vocals

Phil Collen – electric guitars, acoustic guitars, mandolin, vocals

Joe Elliott – lead vocals, additional guitar & bass on "Pearl of Euphoria"

Rick Savage – bass, acoustic guitars, synth bass, vocals

Additional Musicians:

Gloria Flores – Spanish voice on "Slang"

Ram Narayan – intro sarangi sample on "Turn to Dust"

Craig Pruess – string and percussion arranging and conducting on "Turn to Dust"

Av Singh – dohl on "Turn to Dust"

Shyam Vatish – outro sarangi sample on "Turn to Dust"

Pete Woodroffe – piano on "Blood Runs Cold", keyboard strings on "Where Does Love Go When It Dies"

Gavyn Wright – string leader on "Turn to Dust"


Pete Woodroffe – producer, engineer, mixing

Def Leppard – producer

Ger McDonnell – engineer, programming on "Truth?"

Matt Pakucko – mixing assistant

Bob Ludwig – mastering

Brad Buxer, Bobby Brooks – programming on "Slang" and "Breathe a Sigh"

Hugh Drumm – programming on "Truth?"

Jeff Murray – art direction

Jager di Paola – design

Cynthia Levine, Jeff Rooney – photography

The Top Ten

1 Blood Runs Cold Blood Runs Cold
2 Deliver Me Deliver Me
3 Pearl of Euphoria Pearl of Euphoria
4 All I Want Is Everything
5 Work It Out
6 Slang
7 Gift of Flesh
8 Where Does Love Go When It Dies
9 Can't Keep Away from the Flame
10 Breathe a Sigh

The Contenders

11 Move with Me Slowly
12 Turn To Dust
13 Truth?
14 Worlds Collide
15 Burn Out
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Top Remixes

1. Slang
2. Blood Runs Cold
3. Pearl of Euphoria
1. Gift of Flesh
2. Deliver Me
3. Blood Runs Cold
1. Can't Keep Away from the Flame
2. Deliver Me
3. Where Does Love Go When It Dies


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