Best Songs On Deftones White Pony


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1 Digital Bath
2 Passenger

Maynard James Keenan of Tool (I repeat, TOOL! ) is featured in this song, so it HAS to be awesome! M/ Not only that, the lyrics and composition of this song are outstanding! My definite favorite Deftones song!

3 Change (In the House of Flies)
4 Knife Prty V 1 Comment
5 Elite
6 Korea


7 Pink Maggit

This song >>>>> Back to School - cjWriter1997

This song is too underrated
It has a great meaning to it, in fact this song helped me out when I was in a 'dark' time
Its just really great it's a masterpiece and just about everything is perfect on this song
I must say The White Pony is a bit overrated but that's my opinion but this album is beyond great
Of course Change is number 1 its like their trademark song
I think this song is at least top 4 material
Take a listen people its really great

8 Teenager
9 Back to School (Mini Maggit)

I know a lot of people hate this song, but I actually think it's one of the best on White Pony. - Tijsprimo

10 Feiticeira

Higher than Teenager, Korea, RX queen, pink maggit (both) it should be! - CosmicSea

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11 Rx Queen
12 Street Carp

I have always liked the verse in this song and I think this should be higher.

13 The Boy's Republic
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1. Elite
2. Digital Bath
3. Pink Maggit
1. Passenger
2. Korea
3. Knife Prty
1. Knife Prty
2. Passenger
3. Teenager

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