Best Songs On Demi Lovato's Confident

A list of the best songs on Demi Lovato's Confident.

The Top Ten Best Songs On Demi Lovato's Confident

1 Stone Cold

Come on, this deserves to be at the top. Her vocal prowess on this one is unmatched. Her best song out of all five albums too, in my opinion.

Better than cool for the summer

Should be #1! Way better than Confiedent. - NicholasYellow

2 Cool for the Summer

This song is her worst by far, I have no idea why it's number 1.

3 Confident

I love that song.

4 Kingdom Come
5 Father
6 For You
7 Yes
8 Old Ways

Definitely the best of the whole album

9 Lionheart
10 Waitin for You

Waitin for You and Yes are my favorites - frankie44

The Contenders

11 Wildfire
12 Stars
13 Mr. Hughes
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