Best Songs from Demon Hunter's Extremist

The Top Ten

1 The Last One Alive

My top three
1. The Last One Alive
2. Artificial Light
3. I Will fail you

Over all good album too

This is the best song by far.

2 What I'm Not

This is the best! The chorus is so good - amcskillet

3 I Will Fail You
4 Artificial Light
5 Gasoline

Not only one of the best on this album but one of the best of ALL OF DEMON HUNTER'S albums.

6 The Heart of a Graveyard
7 Cross to Bear
8 Hell Don't Need Me

This song is the best! Deserves to be higher!

9 Death

Love demon hunters heavy songs :D

10 In Time

The Contenders

11 Waste Me
12 Beyond Me
13 Helpless Hope
14 One Last Song
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