Best Songs on the Descendants 2 Soundtrack

Descendants 2 was such as good movie. It had some really good songs in it.

The Top Ten

1 Ways to Be Wicked
2 What's My Name

It is one hell of an introduction for Uma, she's probably my favorite character. - Eraser

Best song in the whole movie. Literally only reason I WATCH the movie

B E S T song out of B O T H movies! I love it!

3 Chillin' Like a Villain

I love it. It gives me good vibes, and gets me pumped up. I feel so happy with it, I could dance to it for HOURS!

It reminds me of a Michael Jackson song. - Eraser

I could listen to this for hours on end

It's amazing like

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4 You and Me

The choreography in this song is amazing. Kenny Ortega is such a good director! - Eraser

I love this song it’s so cool. - Glitterellie

5 It's Goin' Down

Cool rap song - Eraser

I LOVE THIS SONG! - Glitterellie

6 Space Between

Space between is the best song ever and you all should no it

So beautiful! Especially since I love Mal and Evie the most. Also, Dove Cameron and Sogia Carson have the most beautiful voices like, ever!

Good song for Malvie shippers. - Eraser

7 Kiss the Girl

Cover of a song from The Little Mermaid - Eraser

8 Poor Unfortunate Souls

Also a cover of a Little Mermaid song. - Eraser

9 Better Together (From Descendants: Wicked World)
10 Evil (From Descendants: Wicked World)

The Contenders

11 Set It Off
12 Rather Be with You
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