Songs to Describe the Disney Channel


The Top Ten

1 Overrated - Three Days Grace

This list is hilarious

2 You Suck - Abagail Breslin

I don't think anyone hate Disney itself, it's just the cancerous channel who make series nowadays mostly for retarded kids. - somekindofaguy

We had about a hundred other versions of these lists in the past. We don't need more. - Swellow

We get it, you hate Disney - DatRabidSlushie

3 Cancer - My Chemical Romance

Two in one - not only Disney Channel is, but the band who made this song is cancerous LOL - somekindofaguy

4 I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
5 Disgrace - Sevendust
6 I'll Kill You - X Japan
7 Kill Me - The Pretty Reckless
8 Goner - Twenty One Pilots
9 American Idiot - Green Day
10 Pop, Lock and Drop Dead - Good With Grenades

The Contenders

11 Hell Awaits - Slayer
12 Seek & Destroy - Metallica
13 Satanic Propaganda - 1349
14 Homage for Satan - Deicide
15 Abuse Me (I Want to Die) - GG Allin
16 Carving Out the Eyes of God - Goatwhore
17 Jesus Christ... Sodomized - Marduk
18 Welcome to Hell - Venom
19 Lucifer - Behemoth
20 God is Dead? - Black Sabbath
21 Awesome - Bloody Beetroots
22 Hell Yeah - Rev Theory
23 Suicidal Thoughts - The Notorious B.I.G.
24 Trash - New York Dolls

Don't thank to me ;) I grew up on this fantastic channel (in hungary before 2009 it was Jetix) and I learnt several things from its series, until 2013, when they started to create series for retarded kids. This channel now is total trash. Same for Nickelodeon. - somekindofaguy

25 Candyland - Blood on the Dance Floor
26 I Have Questions - Camila Cabello

Number One: Tell us who you think you are. You got some nerve trying to tear our faith apart (with the crap shows you put on)
Number Two: Why would you try and play us for fools! We should have NEVER EVER EVER EVER trusted you!
Number Three: Why werent you who you swore that you would be?
Weve got questions haunting us!

27 Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J
28 King Nothing - Metallica
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1. You Suck - Abagail Breslin
2. Overrated - Three Days Grace
3. I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
1. Cancer - My Chemical Romance
2. Overrated - Three Days Grace
3. American Idiot - Green Day


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