Top 10 Songs that Describe Frozen Haters


The Top Ten

1 Immature - Björk

They hate on it because of one song, let it go. And that song is the best in the movie, hate on "Fixer Upper" instead. They also say it is a "girl" movie. Seriously? There is no such thing as that! - 445956

2 Get a Life - Lil Wayne Get a Life - Lil Wayne

All they do is just come up with more and more stupid reasons to hate on it. Do something else. - 445956

3 Obnoxious - Immortal Technique

They bully Frozen fans just for liking it. - 445956

4 Dumb - Nirvana

Hating on Frozen for dumb reasons - 445956

5 Stupid - Kacey Musgraves

They are stupid enough to say it is worse than Where the Dead Go to Die - 445956

6 Idiots are Taking Over - Nofx

Idiot Frozen haters are taking over the site. - 445956

7 Nobody Cares - Tech N9ne

Who cares if you hate frozen? - 445956

8 Disrespectful - Chaka Khan

It took 50 people 9 months to animate a 36 second scene and all they get are people calling it the worst movie ever - 445956

9 Sad - Maroon 5

It is sad how people think that their stupid reasons to hate it are accurate. - 445956

10 Shut Up - Simple Plan

Shut Up! We know you hate Frozen! Jeez.. - 445956

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11 Let It Go - Idina Menzel
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