Top Ten Songs That Best Describe Liv and Maddie

Even if you hate the show, I still want to express how I feel about it. Here's 10 songs that fit Liv and Maddie's theme - best friends stick together through thick and thin no matter what! That's what makes Liv and Maddie just like The Fox and the Hound!

The Top Ten

1 Bad - Michael Jackson

Michael jackson is right this show sucks and is BAD - VideoGamefan5

So bad, it proves Disney now exists to be a large corporation. - Swellow

This Should Be Number 1 - JPK

Yeah is BAD SHOW

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2 (I Hate) Everything About You - Three Days Grace
3 Cancer - My Chemical Romance

It's definitely cancer alright! - BoredJeff02

I laughed at this item more than I should've.. - NotYoursTruly

Yup! It is cancer!

I Hate Liv And Maddie
But I'm Very Sensitive To That Certain C Word Because My Grandfather Died From It - JPK

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4 Awful - Hole V 1 Comment
5 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

This song best describes Liv and Maddie because they're both horrible.

This song is horrible too

They're not friendly! They're stupid hoes! Stupid hoes I tell you! (I have no idea what I'm doing.) - Powerfulgirl10

Oh yeah - mayamanga

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6 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be - AC/DC
7 Pain - Three Days Grace
8 Turn It Off - Paramore V 1 Comment
9 American Idiot - Green Day
10 You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi

The Contenders

11 Burn in Hell - Twisted Sister
12 Disgusting - Miranda Cosgrove
13 Die In a Fire - The Living Tombstone
14 The Hell Song - Sum 41
15 Trash - Korn

Who added this?

16 Disciple - Slayer
17 Abuse Me (I Want to Die) - GG Allin
18 The Best of Friends - Pearl Bailey

Looks nice. I love this song! So great singing. I love this. - DynastiSugarPop

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19 Addicted to Chaos - Megadeth
20 Good Company - Myhanh Tran
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1. Awful - Hole
2. Bad - Michael Jackson
3. Burn in Hell - Twisted Sister
1. Bad - Michael Jackson
2. Awful - Hole
3. Disgusting - Miranda Cosgrove
1. (I Hate) Everything About You - Three Days Grace
2. Cancer - My Chemical Romance
3. Pain - Three Days Grace

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