Top Ten Songs That Describe Scourge From Warrior Cats

These are the 10 songs I think Scourge could have written for himself.

The Top Ten Songs That Describe Scourge From Warrior Cats

1 Bad Blood (Creature Feature)

Yea pretty much describes him
Still fave character

"I've got bad blood, I've done bad things" The lyric in this song that fits Scourge. Even though it wasn't his fault, he was pretty evil. And that's why I love him. - Grayscale

It definitely does have a little tint of what his life is like... But that's why I love him (Wolf&Scourge) forever

It's kinda meh to me but it works

2 I Will Not Bow (Breaking Benjamin)

I think this is a really great song, and I think this really describes Scourge in the books!

This song is good for scourge

My favorite song is on here!

I love this song!

3 Dance with the Devil (Breaking Benjamin)

Title. Boom. (Basically any fight with Scourge. ) - Grayscale

Pretty good #teamscourge

4 Bones Shatter (Hedley)

Scourge crushed a lot of bones during his reign as Bloodclan leader. Doesn't this cat just keep getting awesomer and awesomer? (Is awesomer even a word? Meh, who cares c: ) - Grayscale

5 Flawed Design (Stabilo)

Scourge had a flawed design to be able to be fully transformed into a cold-blooded killer, but after all he was put through, I'm not sure I can blame him. - Grayscale

This almost suits him perfectly

6 Behind Blue Eyes (Limp Bizkit)

I just like this version better. XP

Anyways, Scourge most definitely had blue eyes, and the lyrics of this song just all-encompassingly describe him. - Grayscale

7 World So Cold (12 Stones)

The world is pretty cold, and Scourge embraced that. His world was even colder, mind you. - Grayscale

This is the only song that can make me sad.

8 Phenomenon (Thousand Foot Krutch)

Roll up beside us, no place to hide us, all freedom fighters let's unite us, switch on your nitrous

This doesn't describe Scourge HIMSELF, so much as it describes BLOODCLAN. Still counts though. - Grayscale

9 Monster (Skillet)

"he's hiding in the dark! His teeth are razor sharp! " that totally describes him, I think if you listen closely you will agree ;) it even includes a growl... Usually... Its a great song you know!

I have this song - Badgerflame

I love this song too! Master of the Universe is also a good song for him. But it fits Hawkfrost better though jf you cutout the chorus.

10 Everything You Ever (Neil Patrick Harris)

The few words in here you can imagine scourge singing, and the last line definitely sounds like Firestar - Grayscale

The Contenders

11 Bad Blood (Taylor Swift)

This is so scourge! He is so mean and nasty! This song best describes him.

This is sooo #scourge

12 Control (Halsey)

Love this song and it truly matches his personality

I love this song, and in one part the singer says "I'm meaner then my demons, I thought we was referring to socks and ruby once I heard it and it's true! He became meaner and colder then his siblings.

"God dam right you should be scared of me" this song fits him so well he wants everyone to bow down to him to fear him it's a perfect song for him!

13 Pain (Three Days Grace)
14 Monster (Imagine Dragons)
15 Lion (Hollywood Undead)

Perfect song for Scourge. I imagine the other singer to be Firestar or possibly Bone.

16 Maniac (Michael Jackson)

Couldn't resist adding this one.

17 Numb (Lincon Park)
18 Master of the Universe

'If you wanna know how far to go to hell just ask me. If you wanna see the view from your knees come down and join me. ' And 'I been a long way I went the wrong way. ' And 'Your gkassis half, his glass is full, my glas is empty. ' Are. my favorite parts of the song!

19 Monster (Meg and Dia)
20 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica)
21 Raining Blood (Slayer)
22 Animal I Have Become (Three Days Grace)
23 I Don't Wanna Die (Hollywood Undead)

It fits him well, just think about it he didn't want to be teased or killed. And so he toke the lives of other cats so he could survive.

24 Centuries (Fall Out Boy)

He battles his half bro so also he is in a war and is going to be remembered for centuries!

25 Keep the Faith (Bon Jovi)
26 Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)
27 Baby (Justin Bieber)
28 Friday (Rebecca Black)
29 Jocelyn Flores (Xxxtentacion)
30 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Fall Out Boy)

This is SO Scourge

31 Demons (Imagine Dragons)
32 Bohemian Rhapsody (Lil Meerkat)
33 Dog Walk (Submarine Man)
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