Top 10 Songs that Describe Teen Titans Go


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1 Can't Stand You - Slayer

True. If it airs 159 times a week on Cartoon Network, how else am I supposed to stand that piece of garbage that Cartoon Network only keeps for the ratings and the cash?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

No, I can't stand it at all. - BoredJeff02

I can't stand it either - Neonco31

2 Shut Up! - Simple Plan

Shut Up you toddlers! - Neonco31

Sums up how I feel about this show. - BoredJeff02

3 Drift and Die - Puddle of Mudd

Self explantory. - BoredJeff02

4 Waste - Staind

This show is one hell of a waste! - BoredJeff02

5 Cancer - My Chemical Romance

This show is beyond cancer. - BoredJeff02

6 Burn It to the Ground - Nickelback

I wish it was burnt to the ground. - BoredJeff02

7 Hated - Nikki Clearly
8 It Sucks - Skye Sweetnam
9 F**k It - Seether

No explanation required... - BoredJeff02

10 Ruined - Tribal Seeds

The Contenders

11 Forgot to Laugh - Bridgit Mendler
12 Failure - Breaking Benjamin

It is a failure to be honest. - BoredJeff02

13 I Hate You - Idina Menzel & James Snyder
14 Dumb - Nirvana

Dumb it is. - BoredJeff02

15 You Suck - Abigail Breslin
16 Cancer - Twenty One Pilots
17 Pathetic - Lamb of God
18 Let Me Drown - Soundgarden

... Yeah title alone describes it enough said. - BoredJeff02

19 Trash - Korn
20 F*** You - Damageplan

It's A F You to fans of the orginal (Including Myself) - christangrant

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1. Hated - Nikki Clearly
2. It Sucks - Skye Sweetnam
3. Ruined - Tribal Seeds
1. Can't Stand You - Slayer
2. Shut Up! - Simple Plan
3. Drift and Die - Puddle of Mudd



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