Top 10 Songs to Describe TheTopTens in March 2017


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21 Hell - Disturbed


22 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Mostly hell - themets05

March 2017 was peobably the worst month of this year for TTT - themets05

23 Terrible - Erphaan Alves & Machel Montano
24 Welcome to the Family - Avenged Sevenfold

"But you can't win this fight" along with the heavier and more satanic sounds of A7X's, this song does the job right, almost perfect in fact... and is it just me or are these kinds of lists not actually comparing songs but just their titles? I listened to Trash by Korn and it doesn't describe Justin Bieber or anything like that to me! - EliHbk

25 Mad World - Michael Andrews

Yup - christangrant

26 Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows - Lesley Gore

'Cause uncessary drama and fights over music is totally sunshine lollipops and rainbows. (Obvious sarcasm is obvious.) - Grunger92

27 Goodbye - Slipknot

Many users like PhantomMilitia said goodbye this month and left the site - christangrant

28 Depression - Black Flag

Besides the hatred Depression was the theme of this month as it was depressing seeing users retire - christangrant

29 Roundtrip to Hell and Back - Children of Bodom
30 Trash - Korn

Yes it was trash - christangrant

31 War - Linkin Park
32 Awful - Hole
33 Remember the Fallen - Sodom
34 Given Up - Linkin Park
35 Lack of Comprehension - Death
36 Broken - Seether
37 What the Hell Have I - Alice in Chains
38 Walk with Me in Hell - Lamb of God
39 Pathetic - Lamb of God
40 Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin
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1. Fallen from Grace - Heart
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3. War Zone - Slayer



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