Top 10 Songs that Describe Wars on TheTopTens

These songs describe wars on TTT, let's just get it over with.

The Top Ten

1 Cancer - My Chemical Romance

Cancerous they are indeed.

2 Why Can't We Be Friends - Smash Mouth

Song title explains it's self.

Yes. Can't we all get along? - AlphaQ

3 Pathetic - Lamb of God

Pathetic most wars are.

4 Dumb - Nirvana

Beyond dumb...

5 Just Stop - Disturbed

No explanation required.

6 Highway to Hell - AC/DC
7 No - Meghan Trainor
8 Hell - Disturbed
9 No More - Three Days Grace

Self explantory.

10 Welcome to Hell - Venom

Hell it is.

The Contenders

11 I've Had Enough (Into the Fire) - Kiss

I've definitely had enough..

12 Waste - Staind

Wars are a waste.

13 What the Hell Have I - Alice in Chains

What the hell is up with all of these wars?

14 Awful - Hole
15 Civil War - Guns N' Roses

Not the song title but the meaning of the song - christangrant

16 Thoughtless - Korn

I'm sticking with this one.

17 Retarded - The Afghan Whigs
18 Walk with Me in Hell - Lamb of God
19 Trash - Korn

Its trash when people make wars on the site - VideoGamefan5

20 We Don't Talk Anymore - Charlie Puth
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1. Pathetic - Lamb of God
2. Why Can't We Be Friends - Smash Mouth
3. Just Stop - Disturbed
1. Why Can't We Be Friends - Smash Mouth
2. Trash - Korn
3. Pathetic - Lamb of God



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