Top Ten Songs That Deserve to Be Hated the Most

For a song to be one of the worst songs ever in my eyes, it has to fail in every regard. It spite of it being terrible, Baby doesn't. Here are some songs in particular that not only can't even be enjoyed ironically, but are also much more deserving of hate than Baby.

This is not the same as Worst Songs of All Time. If we were doing that, I would have put FACK at #1. These are just songs I feel in particular should get more hatred than Baby by Justin Bieber.

The Top Ten

Anaconda - Nicki Minaj Anaconda - Nicki Minaj Cover Art

Nicki Minaj is the worst thing to ever happen to the USA.

Honestly if a song came as close to overhated as Baby does, it would be this - ProPanda

A really disgusting song. No wonder why it's hated and it REALLY deserves it.

Nice try Nicki, but you deserve to be on this list.

Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj Cover Art

Guys! Don't take this "song" seriously! This isn't even a song!

It's just her continuing to repeat "You a stupid hoe" to 'Lil Kim.

Firstly, she needs to learn grammar and pronunciation. Lol. This "piece of torture" is rather funny.

Listening to Nicki Minaj is more painful than being kicked in the nuts by Abraham Lincoln.

This should be #1! Everything is just terrible.

Deserves to be number 1. Not Baby. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Baby - Justin Bieber Baby - Justin Bieber Cover Art

2nd place? I'm gonna try to stop abusing quantity by saying there are songs way worse than Baby. Stupid Hoe or Anaconda, anyone?

This song came out years ago. Quit complaining about it people!

It already got the hate it deserved. A lot more songs deserve to be more hated than this.

Now it's tied with Anaconda? Come on, people, that song and any other Nicki Minaj song is worse than Baby. But I still hate Baby.

Watch Me - Silento Watch Me - Silento Cover Art

When this song comes on the radio, my ears kill themselves. Come ON. THIS SONG TOOK ZERO TALENT TO SING.

Should easily be #1

Lyrics could've been better if they hired someone who had high-functioning autism.

Well I don't find people with autism that bad. They decent and just need some respect. - AlphaQ

This song is extremely annoying. Especially because people still do it. - Dawscr

Fack - Eminem Fack - Eminem Cover Art

Eminem is my favorite rapper, but this song sucks - venomouskillingmachine

Eminem I love your rapping but FACK was a failure and you're trying too much to be funny and just ended up saying dirty stuff

Love Em, but really REALLY hate this song. It's so obnoxious and the lyrics is kind of disgusting.

Stimulated - Tyga

This song was hated by so many people.. but how can you listen to it and not enjoy its stupidity?

Baby's problems were it's repetitiveness, but it can't be worse than a Tyga song about wanting to make out with a girl 8 years younger than him (Kylie Jenner). - Swellow

This song just getting worse and worse every time I force my enemies to listen to it. 0/5. Sorry Tyga you fail - AlphaQ

Am I the only one who thinks this song sounds like Tyga having sex with goats? - AlphaQ

Only - Nicki Minaj Only - Nicki Minaj Cover Art

Needs to be higher than Baby. Nicki Minaj sings more badly than Justin Beiber. Even with autotune, her voice is cringe-worthy. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is actually one of her best songs in my opinion, Stupid Hoe is way worse. - venomouskillingmachine

Every Nicki Minaj song is garbage. Fact. - EpicJake

They killed it in Truffle Butter. They sucked it in this. - Mcgillacuddy

U.O.E.N.O. - Rocko U.O.E.N.O. - Rocko Cover Art

You have got to admire it when a song has good lyrics that probably took a lot of time to think about. That's why you shouldn't admire this song. - Martinglez

This song needs to burn in Hell and be forgotten, no wait, that's too nice.

What is this dull song. This is trash. It could be worse than Stimulated. -1/5. Wooh it's that bad guys! - AlphaQ

What's this?... a list without Justin Beiber at the top!? This is even more rare than Bigfoot! - Jackamalio

Bitch I'm Madonna - Madonna Bitch I'm Madonna - Madonna Cover Art

I'm not a person who says Madonna can't sing due to her age (some singers over 50 can sing), but at this point, she's a lost cause. - Swellow

Madonna is one of the greatest female singers of all time with good lyrics, good songwriting, and good beat. What happened?

I absolutely despise this song. Madonna is too old to be acting this way. And neither Nicki Minaj or Diplo makes the song any better. - yaygiants16

Is it bad while watching the video I laughed my ass off?

Friday - Rebecca Black Friday - Rebecca Black Cover Art

I don't particularly blame her, mainly because it was produced by the terrible Patrice Wilson and that's she improved over time, but it doesn't give me the excuse to not hate this song. The lyrics are somewhat dull, uninspired and try too hard to be fun but failing, I don't know why the beat tries too hard to be loud but fails, and Rebecca's vocals would have been decent if they weren't autotuned to the point they sounded horribly nasally.
Even if it's bad, I admit it's hilarious to blurt out at times, though. - Swellow

This has enough hate to begin with.

*hears this song

*kills self - blurryface51

It's Saturday, Saturday - micahisthebest

The Contenders

My x - Rae Sremmurd My x - Rae Sremmurd Cover Art

This is honestly a piece of garbage. So as Rae Sremmurd.

Rae Sremmurd honestly sucks! No his name should be Rae Sreyotsed.

My X-traordinary awful garbage gets a -100/5 - AlphaQ

Rack City - Tyga Rack City - Tyga Cover Art

The hell is this crap? - AlphaQ

It's okay in my opinion - venomouskillingmachine


@AlphaQ - It’s another bad song made by a bad rapper.

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke Cover Art

This song basically explains how one of the people who wrote it is a douche

This song is so sexist

He didn't even write this song.

This song is disgusting.

#selfie - The Chainsmokers #selfie - The Chainsmokers Cover Art

So talking counts as a song now?

The Chainsmokers = Nickelback

This is not even a song... - abc126

Lemme take a selfie

Eenie Meenie - Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber Eenie Meenie - Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber Cover Art

These illegal parent's wards should be killed

Oh my god. Worst somng be Sean Kingston ever - FerrariDude64

Eniee meenie molava Justin and sean

I Might Go Lesbian - Manika I Might Go Lesbian - Manika Cover Art

Awful, awful anthem that makes I Kissed a Girl seem like Born This Way. Manika sounds annoyingly horrible and has no charisma, while her lyrics seem to have not been researched carefully; She's going lesbian because GUYS WON'T LIKE HER. Uh, no, going LGBT is not a choice; you're born like that. Seems like the developers were empty-headed morons or hired Max Martin to ghostwrite it.

Tyga's part is another one of his monotonous luxury bragging, where he's trying to convince Manika to not go lesbian and to respect men, but his rap is so bad, she might as well go through with it.

And the beat is a creepy mosh pit schlock that looks like a homeless man's remixed version of Bodies.

-3/10. I've heard worse, but this is clear empty-headedness in a nutshell. - Swellow

You don't just wake up one day and change sexuality, that's not how it works! - Aquaturtle

My reaction when I hear this song: KILL ME. I just heard One Call Away and this makes 1CA look great even though it's garbage. Seriously. -10/5 - AlphaQ

This song is awful. I mean Rae Sremmurd might be worse but I would rather have them rap instead of Tyga. This song is the reason Tyga replaced Rae Sremmurd as #1 before Lil B came along.

Now the lyrics are AWFUL. ITS GARBAGE.

This has the most awful rapping and might be worse than Baby. Manika is alright but she didn't do very well on this crap. Tyga on the other hand hit a low that beat Rae Sremmurd's low. Sure I hated Rack City and Stimulated but this makes them look like Starboy.

The beat is terrible. I didn't even WANT to finish but I had to because of this review and it's best if you finish a song to write a review. I had to listen to Trumpet Lights 15 times to see if it is worse than Baby and My X, the first 14 times I would say yes but the last time I decided no

But though Trumpet Lights is bad it's harmless but this atrocity isn't. Being lesbian isn't harmless.

Tyga does a terrible job of convincing her but fails to try because he is ...more - AlphaQ

6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne Cover Art

Even though I like rap I found this song to be worse than FACK

FACK is awful but it's not the worst. But AVOID FACK. It may seem decent but it's awful. - AlphaQ

Lil Wayne's just getting worse every time. Please Wayne do stuff like The Carter 3 (I'm the only one who likes TC3 here) and stop this! I think the beat is epic though but Wayne's voice ruined it. 3/5 - AlphaQ

Most if Lil Waynes songs are terrible

No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd Cover Art

Unlock The Swag is way worse in my opinion, but this song is still pretty bad - venomouskillingmachine

Forget that song. They probably lost the key to unlocking it. That's why they suck - AlphaQ

This is why we should all hate Rae Sremmurd and his stupid music!

One question: do you have a problem with me liking Rae Sremmurd's music. Because I do. - SelfDestruct

Such stupid haircuts by the way

Trash in general

Best Song Ever - One Direction Best Song Ever - One Direction Cover Art

This song has a very ironic title. - dingodile2603

Gag? Worst? Come on! This song is so good that I can't help but start to dance

And we GAG all night to the WORST SONG EVER!

How ironic. This isn't the best song ever - 906389

Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius Cover Art

You can wear my retarded sweatshirt please fan girls you suck get a life

This song makes my ears bleed.

Why do girls have a crush on this singer. "YOU CAN WEAR MY RETARTED SWEATSHIRT" Girls who have a crush on him, get a life.

Horrible song. Over 1.5 million dislikes already. Just stop. - micahisthebest

Gummy Bear Song - Gummy Bear Gummy Bear Song - Gummy Bear Cover Art
Sexting - Blood On the Dance Floor Sexting - Blood On the Dance Floor Cover Art

This should be #1. - LiamCoasterFan

Everything is Awesome - Tegan and Sara Everything is Awesome - Tegan and Sara Cover Art
Shush Up - Alison Gold Shush Up - Alison Gold Cover Art

While Friday and ABCDEFG were bad, they tried to be inoffensive and not be about adult themes, this is where Patrice got vile. A song about mindless sexual activity being sung by a teenage girl? Check. Even worse? The video is even more vile than Wrecking Ball, as it shows her giving birth, and getting electrocuted, and dancing in clothes too scanty for her age. Way to go, Patrice, way to go, you're horrible. - Swellow

This is a terrible song, and Alison can't sing at all. The music video is even worse than the song itself. At least Alison acted her age in Chinese Food, and the song is more decent. But this song is bad, it has very sexual lyrics for a 14 year old to sing to this. And the music video is the worst, she gets electrocuted, goes behind bars doing innapropriate dance moves, her being surrounded by older, shirtless men, and dancing in skimpy clothes. I was like "What the heck am I watching? It was a terrible mistake to watch this? ".

This girl has problems

You shush up Alison! - AlphaQ

I Love You - Barney I Love You - Barney Cover Art

It's just wrong and messed up this song


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